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2023 Kaduna Governorship hopeful: their chances, factors

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna As the buildup to 2023 democratic dispensation gathers momentum, the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) party and the main opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) have continued to reposition to retain or takeover power. In Kaduna State, while the ruling APC has already marked down five notable politicians as successors of Governor Nasir Ahmed El-Rufai in 2023, the opposition

Necessity to address nutrition needs of adolescents in society

by Christiana Gokyo, Jos The Nutrition Society of Nigeria (NSN) has asserted that, addressing the nutrition needs of adolescents could be a window of opportunity for the improvement of their nutritional status and correcting their poor nutritional practices; reverse growth faltering experienced during childhood.  This is also an important step towards supporting their physical growth and preventing future

We Stand for Full Implementation of 2014 National Conference Report

By our Correspondent. The people of the Middle-Belt of Nigeria have the right to existence and the right to self-determination just like other groups in the country, to enable them freely determine their political status and to pursue their economic and social development, in line with the policy they have freely

It’s Time To Break-up Nigeria: Catholic Bishops Conference To Lead The Process – CBCN President

The President, Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN), Through the JDPC, Archdiocese of Ibadan.  Your Grace, WHY I AM CONVINCED IT’S TIME TO BREAK UP NIGERIA AND LET BIAFRA AND ODUDUWA NATIONS GO.  The Catholic Church has a sacred duty to begin to organize public discourse on how to protect lives and properties in the face of the imminent Islamic Jihad in Nigeria. The church can

Fulani Domination

By our Correspondent. It is a fact that, the Southwest and the Middle-Belt fought the Civil War caused largely by the then ruling class Hausa/Fulani clique to Keep Nigeria One. It is also regrettable, however, that the Middle-Belt as a people never knew the reason(s) for that war, except the propaganda

The Pioneers of Middle-Belt Region

By our Correspondent. The prevailing political climate in the country has empowered renewal awareness among the people of the Middle-Belt Region, who should be involved in fighting for the actualization of the 2014 National Conference Report, or to fight for the Ethnic Nationalities Conference, in spite of empty threats from men

The Need for Unity of Middle-Belt

By our Correspondent. Perspective. If we view from the longitude and latitude perspective of height, width, depth and distance, etc., the physical, cultural and geographical features of the Middle-Belt gives an inquirer the right impression of the region’s relative position with distinction. To the extreme West, the Middle-Belt ethnic nationalities of Kwara State and Borgu in

The Middle-Belt Region

By our Correspondent. Most people in this country get confused, or ignorant, of the Middle-Belt Region. Some of the print media in Nigeria went into publicity that the Middle-Belt seeks identification. Which identification, when each and every grown-up Nigerian knows that the Middle-Belt is as old as Nigeria. The Region had members

Ahead Restructuring Plans: “Who’re the Middle-Belt of Nigeria” Questions Answered

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna The age-long questions about who really are the Middle-Belt of Nigeria and/or Nigerians or Middle-Belt of the Northern Nigeria or Middle-Belters of Nigerian have finally been answered in fullest. The physiologist or psychologist behind the true and historically definition was put together by Belt’s intellectuals; especially Dr. Mailafia Obadiah-led teams of researchers, as