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Who Is A Middle-Belter?

By our Correspondent. (1)      In a Paper presented and delivered by Barrister Sebastine Hon (now SAN), at a Conference of Movement for the Emancipation of the Middle-Belt, held in Jos on 31st May, - 1st June, 2001, defined the cultural Middle-Belt as, “Before the advent of British Colonial Administration in this


Submission by: Middle-Belt Progressive Movement In consideration of the current political situation in the country and the need to properly articulate the position and interest of the people of the Middle-Belt Region, it has become necessary to alert the Governors of the region of the malignant cogs in the wheel of

Why I was killed – Kaduna Slain Priest

(Via: Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna) THANK YOU FOR BURYING ME (A MASSAGE OF FAREWELL FROM LATE REV. FR. VITUS BOROGO) by Rev. Fr. Jega Daniel Romanus  “I am Rev. Fr. Vitus Borogo. I am a priest of the Archdiocese of Kaduna, Nigeria. I am Tiv by tribe and, before my forceful exit out of

Untold hardship, as fuel scarcity worsens in Kaduna

…Citizens abandoned to their faith. by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna There’s no doubt that poverty and hardship among the citizenry in Kaduna State are at its climax, following the severity of fuel scarcity rocking the state, coupled simultaneously with the surge in terrorist activities. While residents are confronted with increase in transportation on daily

2023 Kaduna Governorship hopeful: their chances, factors

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna As the buildup to 2023 democratic dispensation gathers momentum, the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) party and the main opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) have continued to reposition to retain or takeover power. In Kaduna State, while the ruling APC has already marked down five notable politicians as successors of Governor Nasir Ahmed El-Rufai in 2023, the opposition

Necessity to address nutrition needs of adolescents in society

by Christiana Gokyo, Jos The Nutrition Society of Nigeria (NSN) has asserted that, addressing the nutrition needs of adolescents could be a window of opportunity for the improvement of their nutritional status and correcting their poor nutritional practices; reverse growth faltering experienced during childhood.  This is also an important step towards supporting their physical growth and preventing future

We Stand for Full Implementation of 2014 National Conference Report

By our Correspondent. The people of the Middle-Belt of Nigeria have the right to existence and the right to self-determination just like other groups in the country, to enable them freely determine their political status and to pursue their economic and social development, in line with the policy they have freely

It’s Time To Break-up Nigeria: Catholic Bishops Conference To Lead The Process – CBCN President

The President, Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN), Through the JDPC, Archdiocese of Ibadan.  Your Grace, WHY I AM CONVINCED IT’S TIME TO BREAK UP NIGERIA AND LET BIAFRA AND ODUDUWA NATIONS GO.  The Catholic Church has a sacred duty to begin to organize public discourse on how to protect lives and properties in the face of the imminent Islamic Jihad in Nigeria. The church can