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The Pioneers of Middle-Belt Region

By our Correspondent. The prevailing political climate in the country has empowered renewal awareness among the people of the Middle-Belt Region, who should be involved in fighting for the actualization of the 2014 National Conference Report, or to fight for the Ethnic Nationalities Conference, in spite of empty threats from men

The Need for Unity of Middle-Belt

By our Correspondent. Perspective. If we view from the longitude and latitude perspective of height, width, depth and distance, etc., the physical, cultural and geographical features of the Middle-Belt gives an inquirer the right impression of the region’s relative position with distinction. To the extreme West, the Middle-Belt ethnic nationalities of Kwara State and Borgu in

The Middle-Belt Region

By our Correspondent. Most people in this country get confused, or ignorant, of the Middle-Belt Region. Some of the print media in Nigeria went into publicity that the Middle-Belt seeks identification. Which identification, when each and every grown-up Nigerian knows that the Middle-Belt is as old as Nigeria. The Region had members

Ahead Restructuring Plans: “Who’re the Middle-Belt of Nigeria” Questions Answered

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna The age-long questions about who really are the Middle-Belt of Nigeria and/or Nigerians or Middle-Belt of the Northern Nigeria or Middle-Belters of Nigerian have finally been answered in fullest. The physiologist or psychologist behind the true and historically definition was put together by Belt’s intellectuals; especially Dr. Mailafia Obadiah-led teams of researchers, as

Bishop Matthew Kukah Writes Sardauna Of Sokoto

An Open Letter To Alhaji Sir Ahmadu Bello, The Sardauna of Sokoto. (Sent by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna) Bishop Matthew Kukah I am not sure I know how to address you, especially now that the formal Ranka ya dade is of no use to you since you are now in eternity. However, because this is

Why Chinese, Europeans, Arabs are my major partners – S/Kaduna Ginger dealer

...Says, “Nigerians don’t value it very well compared to foreigners.” by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna SOUTHERN Kaduna Ginger is said to be one of the best produce in the whole world. If, given necessary attention, it can bring tremendous development because of its high demand in the international market. In this Interview with our correspondent, Achadu Gabriel, the

Benue, Taraba, others abandoning Northern Governors’ Forum?

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna Northern State Governors’ Forum (NSGF), the highest decision making organ of leaders of 19th northern region, is known as an unbiased regional body. The ownership of the popular New Nigerian Development Company (NNDC) and properties, and other assets that spread across the length and breadth of Nigeria may be dwindling. Over decades, the

Job Opportunities: Why Buhari Should Reopen Akassa Seaport Now

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna BAYELSA STATE – The promise made by President Muhammad Buhari administration to create million job opportunities for the teaming youth may not be a dream pipe or a myriad as being speculated in some quarters by millions of Nigerians. The impression on the “promise” has gained popularity and had been projected in

Blow-by-blow account of Southern Kaduna killings

…Analysis of 20 months of killing spree;  …With at least N400m paid as ransom paid – CAN.  As the onslaught on the Southern Kaduna minorities continues unabated, with 33 persons massacred in early August, 2020, our correspondent, Achadu Gabriel, chronicled the pathetic stories of attacks, kidnapping and killings across the zone, between January and August 2019 and in