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From Where Cometh Our Help? Cultural Middle-Belt

By our Correspondent. “Nigerian Lesson” – Published in The Times (London), July 15th, 1999; by Sir Peter Smithers. “Sir, during the negotiations for the Independence of Nigeria, the view of the Secretary of State at that time, with which I agreed, was that in Nigeria, we should attempt to put together a large

Free Yourself From High BP without prescription drugs

… Enjoy the massive effect of GARLIC and ONIONS One of the most telling health hazards among Nigerians in 2012 was chronic high blood pressure. In several cases, it led to heart disease and death. Many may not know it, but this condition can be tackled naturally without drug interventions. Here

Food eaten after 8pm is poisonous – health expert warns

(Being an archival article on health, published in our print media of February, 2013) Assorted foods Participants at the 4th Allure Vanguard Women on Wellness (WOW) seminal got a shocker recently when they learnt that foods eaten after 8:00pm were essentially poisonous to their body systems. But, the Guest Speaker at the seminar, erudite Professor of Anatomy

The “North,” Deceit and Illusions of 2015

EDITORIAL – Our attention has been drawn to the activities and pronouncements of the Governors of Adamawa, Jigawa, Kano and Niger states, who have been going round the country inciting tension and division with the obvious intention of destabilizing the government of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. The objective of these activities,

The Anointed Land

This land is anointed by God Almighty to be home to minority ethnic nationalities of Central Nigeria. To predators, we warn that it is slimy and has proved the Waterloo of many reckless adventurers and their armour-bearers in the past. It is even similar today. Read More

From the Archives

By Ebelechukwu Munachimso – March 2015 AHMADU BELLO TO NIGERIANS – “The times may have changed, but the ideals remain the same … We shall be a truly Nigerian institution and not a mirror of some alien body…” – Alhaji (Sir) Ahmadu Bello, Premier Northern Nigeria Government and Leader of the

What’s in it for the Middle-Belt?

By Sam. Onimisi  It was a new dawn for the Movement for National Reformation when the Middle-Belt delegates led by retired D.I.G. Potter Dabup stormed the convention of MNR in Benin. Not a few southern delegates wondered why the Middle-Belt became so enthusiastic about MNR. The 37-man strong delegates were drawn from Middle-Belt


After about 400 years of slavery which dealt in human merchandise shipped to the New World as the Americas were then called, a group of American and European abolitionists met and agreed to treaties discontinuing the illegitimate sale of man by man in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Commercial

Safe Journey To Hell

(Being Our VISION magazine Editorial “Sideswipe”) It was in June or July, this year that General Muhammadu Buhari went to Sokoto and made a statement to the effect that Muslims should vote for their fellow Muslims, who would enforce Sharia law, thus heightening the sectarian strife threatening the peace of Nigeria. The


Formation of an umbrella body to co-ordinate the activities of the existing Middle-Belt associations and serve as the authoritative organ of the entire region. Formation of ethnic associations by the various ethnic groups of the Belt to serve as branches of the above umbrella organisation. Formation of Women and