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Governor Sani allays fears of marginalization, pledges ‘all-inclusive’ regime

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Governor Uba Sani

Kaduna State Governor, Mal. Uba Sani, has again restated his administration’s commitment to run an all-inclusive government that would allay the fear of being marginalized by some individuals and groups in the State.

The governor stated this Wednesday at a one-day reflection meeting on Kaduna’s direction on peace building organized by the Kaduna Peace Commission, in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Rescaled that, Rev. David Ayuba of Kings International Chapel Church, in Kaduna, recently raised alarm of lopsided appointments in Uba Sani-led administration, urging him to address the menace.

However, speaking at the event, Sani reassured of “charting a new direction” that would lead to a safe, peaceful, and prosperous Kaduna State. 

Uba Sani acknowledged that the State has had its fair share of ethnic and religious conflicts, the intensity of which has drastically reduced, while fear of escalation due to tussles for land remains strong. 

“Apart from ethnic and religious tensions, we now face the destabilizing activities of bandits, terrorists, kidnappers, armed robbers, and other criminal elements,” he said.

He said the State Government has been working closely with Federal Security Forces to degrade the criminal elements and make Kaduna communities safe for living and business, as the battle has been taken to the criminals’ abode.

“As your Chief Servant, I am deeply worried by the ethnic and religious divisions in Kaduna State. I am the governor of a state where all government actions or inactions are viewed from the lenses of religion and ethnicity. 

“I manage a state where emotions run high at the slightest provocation or perception of injustice. We are captives of our past; a past marked by incessant conflicts, bloodletting, hate, and distrust.

“But we must break loose from our unpleasant past. We must collectively free ourselves from the grip of conflict merchants and agents of retrogression. We must change the narrative and bring development and progress into the discourse.

The starting point is for us to recognize the fact that our state is diverse, with its complexities and possibilities. We must harness our diversity and turn it into an asset. 

“If Rwanda, which experienced ethnic cleansing that shocked the world, can become an ‘oasis’ of peace and ethnic harmony, we have no excuse to remain captives of our past. We can replicate the Rwandan Example in Kaduna State,” he said.

He continued, “I am conscious of the fact that, leadership must play a key role in reshaping Kaduna State and making it a model of development, ethnic harmony, and cooperation. We have committed ourselves to running a pro-people, pro-poor, and all-inclusive administration.

“Under my watch, equity and justice shall reign supreme in Kaduna State. Because of decades of suspicion and perceptions of marginalization, many people may not want to give our administration the benefit of the doubt. 

“We are, however, determined to ensure that there is even development in our dear State. Wherever you come from or wherever you reside, be assured that development will reach you. You will feel the impact of government. 

“Our administration shall intensify and broaden efforts at ensuring the security and safety of lives and property in the State. We will deploy modern systems as well as community-based protocols to prevent and detect crime,” he promised.

The governor promised ethnic and inter-religious dialogue by holding accountability sessions where his administration would periodically render its stewardship account to the people and hear from them firsthand about their concerns and priorities.

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