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Nigerian Youths charged to “imbibe productivity consciousness”

by Christiana Gokyo, Jos

Nigerian youths have be urged to imbibe productivity consciousness as a key guiding principle, if they must contribute to national development in a world that is ever evolving at an unprecedented pace, where competition is fierce and opportunities abound.

The Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment, Daju Kachollom, made the assertion during a Two-Days’ Sensitization Workshop on ‘Promoting Productivity Consciousness among the Youth’ organised by the Productivity Measurement and Labour Standards (PMLS) department of the ministry in Abuja.

According to her, the program – the first of its kind – was “in furtherance of the Federal Government’s commitment in adopting the International Labour Conference 2023, ‘new Labour Standards’ on quality apprenticeships, essential for the transition from education to work and between.

She said, “It’s aimed at encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit of youths whilst nudging them towards critical thinking to identify challenges and develop innovative solutions that will foster productivity as well as inspire them to become change agents and contribute to the growth of the nation’s economy.

She stressed that, “Imbibing good work ethics, creativity, innovation, perseverance and resilience were indispensable qualities for anyone, who intends to be productive.

“They must learn that success rarely comes overnight, and that setbacks are merely stepping stones on the path to success. By nurturing a growth mindset, they can see challenges as opportunities for personal development that pushes them beyond any boundaries, and unlock your fullest potentials,” she stated.

The Permanent Secretary further urged youths to prioritize and channel their energies into more productive ventures by understanding the importance of “target setting” and working them with dedication.

She reiterated government’s commitment to continually create a supportive environment through the provision of various interventions to empower Nigerian youths.

Speaking also at the event, Mrs Juliana Adebambo, who is Director PMLS, noted that, the flag-off of the program in the Federal Capital Territory was to select Youth Organizations, which would serve as national productivity consciousness agents in all nooks and crannies of the FCT and Nigeria, by extension.

While describing Nigerian youths, who constitute a large percentage of the national workforce, especially in the informal sector, as “high spirited, focused and hardworking,” she noted that, the reawakening of national productivity consciousness remained a requisite in igniting the potentials they possessed.

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