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Middle-Belt Progressive Movement: Commonly Asked Questions About Who We Are

Question 1:  What is the difference between the MIDDLE-BELT PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT and the others like the MIDDLE-BELT FORUM and the MIDDLE-BELT CONGRESS?

ANSWER – The Middle-Belt Region is made up of people of various ethnic nationalities and, therefore, many groups such as MBF, MBC, MPM, etc., are championing the cause but with different approach. The difference is in style and approach but the objective is the same.

Question 2:  Why is the geographical area of the Middle-Belt Progressive Movement wider than the ‘traditional’ Middle-Belt we all know?   

ANSWER – The reason is that, the original Middle-Belt depicts more than the few “North Central” States we have. It covers Southern Borno, Bauchi, Plateau, Benue, Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, Gombe, Taraba, Adamawa, Southern Kebbi, Southern Kaduna, Niger and parts of Yobe, because this areas were arbitrarily cut out by past military regimes and ‘given’ to their present States, without the consent of the people.

An Emir or serving Military General in the SMC, AFRC could determine where a whole people could belong. Moreover, the constitution does not provide for the zonal arrangements. The present arrangements are products of politicians in search of office and pecuniary self-interest.

Question 3:  Why is there a proliferation of groups with the name, “Middle-Belt” today?

ANSWER – The MPM welcomes the development and encourages their formation so long as they aim at the genuine emancipation of our people. A time will come when, naturally, we shall sit together to determine our collective destinies. Those groups formed by our detractors and our enemies to counter our efforts will be exposed and defeated when the time is ripe.

Question 4:  From the mid-fifties, many of our leaders from the Middle-Belt used the name, “Middle-Belt” to deceive us and sell our birthright to the very feudal forces we are fighting against. So, how can we be sure the MPM will not behave in the same manner of betrayal?

ANSWER – The answer is simple – go and make a quiet assessment of the people, who are the forces at work in the MPM and their antecedents and from where they get their inspiration. You would find out that they are principled men and women of integrity, courage and fearlessness.

Question 5:  What of Muslims in the zone – are they free to join MPM?

ANSWER – Of course, they are free to join. We believe that religion is a personal thing between the individual and their God. The state should not be involved in the enforcement of any religion on its citizens, so long as we live in a secular or multi-religious State with a common constitution.

Question 6:  When will this Middle-Belt dream be realized?

ANSWER – There is no timetable on earth for fighting and seeking your freedom, so long as you are oppressed. The struggle continues till victory is attained.

Middle-Belt Progressive Movement, No.28 Waff Road, Kaduna.

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