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Tension as more reactions trail El-Rufai’s controversial Islamization statement

…As Kaduna popular Pastor blasts him, calls for his arrest, prosecution.

…Alleges discrimination of Xians.

…Urges security to be unbiased. 

…Says, “Buhari, Fulani, others behind el-Rufai.

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Pastor Ayuba Azzaman

Mal. Nasir El-Rufai’s serial critique and popular fearless Kaduna Pastor, Rev. David Ayuba Azzaman, has blasted the immediate past Governor of Kaduna State over his controversial and revealing comments on Islamiization of Kaduna and Nigeria agenda.

The Pastor also made startling revelations on the planned Islamization agenda made by the outgone governor and argued that the el-Rufai was not standing alone on that mission, already generating tension and acrimony among Christian religious leaders and bodies. 

Azzaman, the Assistant General Overseer of Kings Chapel Int’l in Nigeria, who spoke to journalists in an interview in the church, strongly believes that Mal. El-Rufai was with ex-President Muhammad Buhari and 70 percent of Fulani people as well as many other Muslims, exception of Hausa Muslims, in the viral video.

He said the body language of the Buhari and his appointment administration in favour of Muslims by 70 percent and the total silence of the northern Muslim elites clearly showed that el-Rufai is not standing alone on the Islamization agenda viral video, he described as real.

Pastor Azzaman said he noted the move, overtime, that Islamization of Nigeria agenda started a long time ago, in 1804, when Othman Danfodio, who came from Mountain Futajalum, took over Hausaland, but later surrendered to British colonialist with agreement to handover back to them when ending colonization.

He said the British were dealing with Fulanis, thinking they were dealing with the Hausas at that time of colonialism and handed over the country to them with the handing over Durbar held in Sokoto when the British were about leaving.

According to him, the armed wing of the Islamization agenda is the Boko Haram, Bandits and other terrorists and insurgency groups happening in Kaduna and other parts of the country.

He added that the Biafran War was all part of the Islamization agenda of Nigeria by the Fulanis.

He also noted with dismay that the Coup d’etat of Yakubu Gowan was part of Islamization agenda, adding that it was therefore not an agenda of the All Progressives Party, APC, agenda, but Fulanis who see Nigeria as a trophy, their four father, Othman Danfodio, won for them.

“There’s also a Stealth Jihad – by using political office to force Islamization on people, saying that’s what is going on in Kaduna with el-Rufai forcing it on people and Christian citizens of the state,” he said.

Azzaman recalled what Buhari said, while on his way out of power that, if anything touches him, Niger Republic will save him, adding that they know their country of origin and where they came from.

“So, Nigeria is a trophy, whether they spoil it, whether it’s good or not, anything that happens to Nigeria is not their problem. Destroy it, they don’t bother,” he said, calling on Nigerian Yorubas, Hausa Muslims, Igbo and Christians to rise up and not to allow Fulanis to destroy their country for them.

“They all have their country they came from; Muhammadu Buhari did not hide it, he came from Niger,” he said, urging Nigerians to “Say ‘No’ to Islamization.”

While he expressed disappointment about the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, he also noted that the behaviour of Christians was the reasons Nigerians are in this mess.

According to him, “An average Nigeria Christian politician is a sell-out, who only see politics as bread and butter for their immediate family to eat, go to vacations in Dubai and send their children to school in abroad, whereas for an average Muslim, it’s about Islam, not politics.

“Even el-Rufai said it in the viral video that, it’s about Islam, not politics,” adding that “The viral video is real. El-Rufai never knew the video will go that extent. But, if God wants to catch a wicked man, He can even twist his tongue to say what you don’t want to say, and that’s what He did,” he said.

He also said he never expected Christians, especially CAN, to say people should ignore el-Rufai – that, he is seeking for relevance – instead of preparing papers and head for ICC in Hague. 

“Because, without any apology, el-Rufai is a Commander-in-chief of Boko Haram that late Dr. Mailafia Obadiah, of blessed memory, mentioned and was arrested.

“And you could see he has hands in the killings and genocide of Christians in Kaduna and possibly in Plateau and Benue States and other places. And I expect CAN to start compiling papers and evidences to go to ICC in Hague.

“Don’t be surprise el-Rufai is in London now enjoying himself in the land of the people he called ‘Haruna’ (Unbeliever).

“That was how Buhari went to Zamfara during electioneering and told Muslims to vote for Muslims. The el-Rufai video is real, not video shopping. That’s how he talks, very arrogant and bigot,” Azzaman stated furiously and aggressively.

He called on the security architecture of Nigeria to, in all honesty, invite el-Rufai, “but they are keeping quiet,” saying, “If it were any other person, who made such statements, he or she would have been arrested by now. But they are all silent,” he retorted.

“And I also pray that the security are not compromised, because during the killing in Zangon Kataf, the people told me they see soldiers in military uniforms. 

In Malagun killing, they said they saw military in uniform drinking in a spot with Nigeria military vehicles the day they killed over 30 people in Malagun happening.

“What late Obadiah said is true. They wanted to arrest him for saying the truth. Fulani are all the most people holding juicy appointments, including holding all DPOs offices in Kaduna.

No single Fulani was arrested when they killed the people and when Agon Adara Paramount Chief was killed. They stag-managed it by el-Rufai, that his role has to be question and probed. 

“I know when cows were killed, Southern Kaduna leaders were arrested and detained, but over 30 people were killed, nobody, no Fulani was arrested till now,” Pastor Azzaman stated.

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