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Subsidy Removal: Kaduna residents groan in pain as transport fares triple

…Men, women, children trek miles away.

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Situation from Kaduna State has it that residents now groan in pain for trekking miles away in various towns and communities as a result of high cost of transportation occasioned by subsidy removal by the administration of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC. 

Our Kaduna correspondent, who went round towns and communities Wednesday and Tuesday, reported that men, women and children of school age are not left out in trekking to work places, business and schools.

Even the so-called “average” Nigerians and some big men are affected, as many could no longer afford to buy N550 per litre of fuel on daily basis, as a gallon of petrol now costs N4200.

According to finding, why Kaduna main town was pretty scanty, there were, however, more women than men trekking around in search of means of livelihood than men.

From Millennium City to Kawo, Ungwan Sarki, Magajin Gari, Post Office, Central Market, Sabon Tasha, U/Boro areas and a host of other places visited, the situations remained the same with few motorists plying roads and many residents seen trekking for miles to places of work.

Most residents, who spoke to our reporter in confidence, expressed mixed reactions.  While some approved and applauded the removal of subsidy, others believe that they were being punished because of erroneous notion that Nigerians did not vote for the ruling party.

While others are of the opinion that Tinubu and coy want to make fast money on Nigerians and recover their lost expenses incurred during electioneering, believe that the subsidy will be reversed soon before now.

“Until under this APC government, I and my family have never stayed in hunger, cook our foods with necked charcoal or even kerosene in our house like is happening now.

“We have never been trekking miles away together, no matter how close looking for what we can eat, like now. We are crying to the APC and its leadership to help us out of this self-imposed hardship,” an anonymous resident of Millennium Quarters lamented.

Indeed, the civil servants seem to be the worst hit, as several of them complained of spending over hundred percent above the usual transportation fares to get to their office due to tripling cost of Town Service buses, Keke Napet, motorbikes and others, owing to subsidy removal pronouncement.

Findings revealed that, transport fares from Sabon Tasha to Kawo and Ungwan Rimi major bus terminus now cost between N600 and more against the usual N300 and below, making business and social activities unbearable for most people.

Alhaji Garba Mohammed, a media guru, in our company explained that some Kaduna-based media houses (name withheld) are already finding it difficult to sustain transmission due to high cost of petrol and diesel, and lack of constant electricity.

A statement currently circulating in Kaduna social media is advising parents and residents to endeavor to relocate their children, pupils to schools within their vicinity and business premises closer to their areas to avoid unnecessary trekking due to high cost of transportation, saying, subsidy removal has come to stay.

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