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Concerned northerners vow to defend Tinubu’s ‘legal mandate’

…Says, Service Chiefs, CBN, SGF, others be swapped between North, South.

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Group, under the auspices of the ‘Concerned Northern Forum’ (CNF), has vowed to defend the mandate of the President-elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, “by all means,” saying his election is not only legal and constitutional but also reflects the choice of the masses.

The group also cautioned all those thinking of causing violence and wreck havoc in the country to have a rethink because they will have them to contend with, as no group has a monopoly of violence and stupidity.

CNF, however, called on the President-elect to work on national unity and peaceful coexistence, saying he should support the North to produce the Governor of the Central Bank (CBN), while the position of Secretary of the Government of the Federation (SGF) should go to the South, after 8 years of being occupied by each region.

Chairman of the Forum, Aliyu Muhammadu Sanni, in a statement noted that, “The Concerned Northern Forum congratulates the President-elect, Alh Bola Ahmed Asiwaju Tinubu, on his well-deserved victory and simultaneously will use the same opportunity to warn those fanning the embers of hate to desist from any such act that will cause disunity in the country, as Nigeria is not a Banana Republic.

“Since the election has been held and the winner declared, therefore, all those that are not satisfied with the outcome should seek redress in court or embrace the spirit of sportsmanship and congratulate the president-elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“We, of the Concerned Northern Forum, will defend your mandate by all means, since it is not only legal and constitutional but also reflect the choice of the masses. We are sending a message of caution to all who think they can cause violence and wreak havoc in the country to rethink, because they will have us to contend with as no group has a monopoly of violence and stupidity.

“We are also using this opportunity to condemn in all ramifications the plot by some few mischief makers the plan to institute an interim Government. We commend the DSS for uncovering this evil plan and call on them not to rest until they find and bring to book the perpetrators of this plan. Behold, come May 2023, a new Government must be sworn in.

‘We are equally calling on the President-elect to be magnanimous and try to unite the country into one whole family. He should ensure there is a uniform distribution of political appointments to well-deserving individuals from all regions of the country.

“Positions that have been held by a particular region should be taken to the sister region, for unity and peace to continue to reign.

“In essence, positions like the SGF held by a Northerner for eight years should be given to a Southerner; the position of CBN Governor that has been in the South should come to the North. The GCEO of the NNPC LTD that has been in the North should go to the South; Service Chiefs, same in MDAs and other government agencies, all juicy and key positions should be swapped to maintain balance and stability in the country.

“Mr President-elect, you have the record of bringing the best heads together; you are detribalised Nigerian, a goal getter, pacesetter. We urge you to, please, use your attributes to unify Nigeria and make Nigeria work again.

“As a priority, you should focus on the economy; give special attention to transforming our economy into a modern and global one that will compete with the economies of Super Power countries in the world, because we have both the potentials and resources to make that happen.

“Naira should be strengthened; hence the introduction of deliberate, practically working economic policies and interventions in all sectors of the economy targeted at uplifting the masses from the abject poverty they were faced with. Their suffering must be alleviated to give way for peace, progress and development.

“This will eventually lead to reduction of crime rates in the country and make suitable atmosphere for business to strive and create more job opportunities for our teeming youths.

“Appointments of SGF, GCEO of the NNPC Ltd and, most importantly CBN, should not be based on recommendation but merit, experience, knowledge, technical know-how, consistency and hard work.

“The CBN Governor must be an astute banker and still active in the finance sector, not an individual who has left banking to pursue other personal goals coming back after a long spell on recommendation.

“In Northern Nigeria today, we have financial experts who have written their names in gold in the finance sector – real drivers of economy like Ahmed Lawal Kuru, Abubakar Sulaiman, Halima Buba, etc.

“Mr President-elect, our concern with your administration as Nigerians is how you will work with the best brains to reduce poverty and make Nigeria a safe and sweet haven again.

“Nigeria, being a heterogeneous country for equity, justice and fairness, a sense of belonging to the several ethnic groups in the nation will be a positive catalyst for peace and national unity.”

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