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Oddity: Pastors raise alarm over herdsmen grazing on food crops in S/Kaduna

…Lists maize, corn, beans, yams, cassava and others.

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Summit of Pastors of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), in Sanga local governments area of Kaduna State, have raised alarm over grazing on maize, corn, beans, yams, cassava and other crops of their people by herdsmen in the local governments.

They raised the alarm in a communiqué issued and signed by chairman and secretary, Rev. Yakubu Bulus, and Apostle Silas Z. Dabo, at the end of their summit in Sanga local governments of Kaduna State, following alleged destruction of crops, machetting and indiscriminate killings of Christian colleagues.

Held at Bege Baptist Church, Gwantu Kurmi, on 17th November, 2022, and made available penultimate Monday, the summit stated that the effect of herdsmen action has thrown a lot of the people in the area into abject poverty.

“In its desperate efforts to enthrone peace between herdsmen and farmers and to heal pains inflicted by the injustices of parts of the security, the Sanga LG CAN in a summit came up with a stand. 

“The summit observed that, herdsmen are no longer grazing on grasses but on our maize, corn, beans, yams, cassava, etc. Our people are truly hurt. They are in serious poverty as a result of that. In fact, it is beyond description. 

“The summit observed that, Sanga LG was almost exporting fruits; but today, what we have can hardly feed a home, as a result of herdsmen destructive skills. 

“The summit observed that, allowing herdsmen to parade our streets with machetes, cutlasses and knives is further creating tension and breakdown of law and order in Sanga LG. We have exhausted our excuses in our attempts to stop our youths from doing the same. 

“The summit observed that, most families in Sanga LG have lost most of their crops to the wickedness of herdsmen; some lost their lives and others are carrying scars of different degrees as prices paid for protecting their crops. 

“The summit observed that, the conflict between the herdsmen and farmers has since become a traded merchandise and easy path to opulence by some section of the security in the LG; as such, aggravating the whole situation. Since herdsmen are always placed on ‘innocent seat,’ they graze on our crops with their shoulders high,” it stated.

“Communiqué appealed to perpetrators to ‘give peace a chance,’ even as we stand hard against any attempt by our people to usher-in any breakdown of law and order.”

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