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Plateau “PDP For Atiku Movement” faults G5 Governors over alleged ‘prolongation’ of conditions

by Christiana Gokyo, Jos

Plateau State ‘People’s Democratic Party for Atiku Movement’ has condemned the prolongation of conditions by the G5 Governors, saying, that will hurt their party and their candidates in any form.

In an address at a Press Conference in Jos, on Tuesday, former Speaker of Plateau State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Istifanus Mwansat, called on the G5 Governors and their supporters to embrace peace and work for the victory of the party in all the elections, and the pledged their total support and loyalty.

The movement also observed the role of some BOT Members of the party, especially in this challenge faced by the party, noting that, “These elders and senior stakeholders of the party are represented on the highest organ of the PDP, which serves as the conscience of the party.”

According to Rt. Hon. Mwansat, for them to take sides against any candidate of the party and the Presidential flag-bearer in particular, leaves so much to be desired, and believes that they should not be sectional in orientation but be there to moderate all lines of tension and division in the party.

Former Governor of Plateau State, Jonah David Jang, is among the G5 supporters as well as one of critical stakeholders of the party in the State and as a person working for victory of the Presidential Candidate and his running mate.

The former Speaker equally expressed deep concern by the involvement and participation of one of their leaders – a former Governor, Sen. Jonah Jang, and Member of the Board of Trustees, a founding member of the PDP with the Port-Harcourt/Lagos Group.

The Movement explained that, their agitation does not represent the thinking of the party and its members in the state, and urged him to return-to-base – to the State – and engage with his constituents to shed more light on how the positions taken by the Post-Harcourt/Lagos Group affect them in the State.

“As an important State in the North Central Zone, we also seek to know what we are going to get in exchange for giving up the National Chairmanship of the party, which he supports,” he noted.

He noted, “Since this position belongs to the North Central Zone, since we do not hold the Presidential ticket and, since we have not been briefed or carried along, we see it as a disservice to us for the group to continue to demand the resignation of the Chairman without spelling out the terms,” the ex-Speaker said.

Rt. Hon. Mwasat stated that, “The conditions given by the G5 is that, the Chairman of the PDP should resign; and they observed that, for instance, what will happen with the Deputy National Chairman (North), who is required by the PDP constitution to assume leadership, but who may not have been a party to these discussions or given a commitment to also resign?”

They Movement also observed that, shifting the National Chairmanship of the party at this moment will affect other positions as well, which thereby needs broad-base consultations and consensus for which time is not available.

They observed that, “It is barely just weeks to the 2023 general elections, and no serious political party will engage in leadership change at a time when other political competitors are out on the field canvassing for votes from the electorate.”

Those in attendance include, an elder statesman, Amb. Yahaya Kwande, former Speakers and (current) Members of the State House of Assembly, as well as a handful party members and supporters, while, 27 persons signed the text.

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