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Commotion in TV-Garage Kaduna over Nig Breweries ‘Company Price’ favouritism

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

There appears to be a cold war among owners and operators of Beer Parlors within the popular Kaduna Television Garage, following allegation of impartiality and favouritism levelled against Nigerian Breweries Plc (NB Plc).

The management of NBC is being accused of favouritism for supplying beers to a particular lady’s shop in direct company price to the detriment of several others operating in same garage with their brands, leading to imminent commotion.

The Brewery Public Relations manager (North), Mr. Danladi, not only claimed ‘ignorant’ of the development when contacted, he also expressed dismay and wonder, if Nigerian Breweries in Kaduna is really involved in such direct supply deal to its outlets.

“Hi, Gab; this is a serious allegation. Can you provide evidence or facts to these claims? Provide the name of outlet and I will investigate, please. But, do you mean other outlets buy our products at outrageous price,?” Danladi stated.

The development, according to our reporter’s check, has not only put the “favourite” lady in danger but also at the centre of possible threat and verbal attacks by her competitors, as is currently happening.

Our reporter gathered that, the favourite lady’s beer parlor has continued to reduce customers to her competitors, causing hatred, bad-blood, acrimony and capable of triggering crises amongst the retailers, according to reports making rounds.

Findings, however, revealed that the development has created serious animosity among women and men operating beer business in the vicinity and also against NB Plc as well as the favourite lady.

NBC favourite beer operator, according to investigation, has been advised to increase the price of her beer bottle to tally with others severally, but turned down the requests as most consumers have abandoned their ‘old customers’ for cheap beer in her parlor.

Contacted, the lady (name withheld), however, confirmed the information, bragging that she bought beers directly at company price as a favour done to her by Nigerian Breweries Plc, and could not sell above the company price, as her beers are really more affordable and sold at company prices.

The lady’s beer parlor, located opposite TV Garage Primary Health Care, did not hide her favour from NB Plc when contacted by our reporter and other customers for saying that, “Nigerian Breweries is giving it to me in company price and so, I cannot sell above company price. It will be a disservice.”

Findings revealed that, the cost of beer in her parlor is minus N50, compared to what is sold outside, thereby reducing customers within and without some other parlors outside her ‘joint” that used to be beehives of customers.

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