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Ransom was paid on 23 freed abducted train victims – Ex- General Nuhu alleges

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

An Ex-Army General, Brig-General Aliyu Nuhu (rtd,) has said that, the biggest tragedy in the circle is that ransoms were paid on all the abducted train passengers freed by the bandits, including the last 23 victims.

Brigadier Nuhu, who disclosed this in a lengthy statement, said the ultimate winners are the terrorists that achieved all their objectives without retribution, including having all their inmates released and collected monies in billions of naira and foreign currencies, and went away without losing a soul.

Titled, ‘Brigadier Aliyu Nuhu wrote,’ General Nuhu stated that, “While congratulating the families of train victims for the safe return of their relatives, something very sad came to mind about the whole tragedy,” he stated. 

General Nuhu, who did not commend efforts of the military committee that secured release of the 23 train victims, stated that, “The ultimate winners are the terrorists. They achieved all their objectives without retribution. They have all their inmates released, collected hefty amounts of money in billions of naira and foreign currencies and went away without losing a soul. 

“Meanwhile, they inflicted damages on Nigeria. They killed passengers, destroyed a train and stopped it from operation for a very long period and instilled fear in the minds of Nigerians.

He noted that, “The biggest tragedy is that, all the captives were released through payment of ransoms, which impoverished family economies; some might never recover. 

“The last victims were released by a military committee, which means, more money were paid and the military had also cornered part of the ransom money.” 

He expressed dismay that, “In the whole saga, there was no shooting, no arrest, not even declaring some people wanted. What kind of country do we have, for God’s sake? Time will tell the kind of arrangement reached for the release of the victims,” he stated.

“We just have a paper military. What is there in a military that cannot use force on terrorists? There is nothing impressive about military that abandoned its trade and go to terrorists and pay ransoms. It is really a shame on NIGERIAN Government.

“As long as people benefit from train attacks and kidnapping, there will be no end to this kind of tragedy. The terrorists have made a good, safe and profitable venture and have gone to plan another attack. 

“Security agencies that benefit from it will be too willing to be part of the next attack. The Mamus that made billions from ransom negotiation will be waiting to make ransom harvest,” he noted, adding, “A ‘Kidnapping Industry’ has been created by government’s inability to deal ruthlessly with criminals,” he lamented.

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