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2023: Forum ‘carpets’ Kaduna PDP Guber Candidate for ignoring all-candidates’ parley

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

An intellectual forum, simply known as, ‘Readers’ Front’ (RF), has carpeted Kaduna Governorship candidate of People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Hon. Isa Ashiru, for absenting from a meeting of all political contenders in the state, saying, the former Federal Legislator lacks the intellectual capacity to govern capital of the defunct Northern Region.

In a press statement, coordinator of RF, Suleiman Kudan, explained that “Kaduna is a base for intellectuals, and a state with the highest number of strategic institutions of learning in Nigeria. Such state cannot be governed by an individual, who could barely communicate effectively in the Queen’s Language, let alone understand basic rudiments of the information age used as an easy tool for governance.

“The forum wonders why Ashiru kept avoiding intellectual discourse in English Language, particularly the Southern Kaduna interface, which he noted would have provided an ample opportunity for the Governorship candidate to share ideas with other aspirants seeking various elective positions within his party on workable strategies to be adopted to fly high in the forthcoming general election.”

He added that, “The high bar of governance set by previous administrations rooted in high intellectual capacity to conform with realities of the modern age must be maintained and built upon by successive governors, who can observe, interpret and formulate policies geared towards the state a model for growth and development.

“The imperative of having a governor with the ability to think and understand ideas of adding value to governance, particularly for a state as important as Kaduna, cannot be overemphasized.

“Previous administrations and the present occupant of Sir Kashim Ibrahim House could be said to be individuals with sound, dynamic and sharp minds to think and understand different variables of governance.

“Isa Ashiru, as a Federal Legislator, did not show he had such ability to provide effective leadership capable of building a modern society anchored on big ideas.

“He should be asked to list and explain the numbers of bills he initiated and sponsored successfully and what positive impacts had he added to his constituents as their representative at the Lower Chamber.

“Antecedents of people seeking to be elected must be scrutinized and assessed to ascertain, if they deserve to be entrusted with daunting task of providing quality leadership to their people.

“Kaduna of today has gone through a lot of transformation and modernization through the years from its vantage position as capital of Northern Region right from colonial era.

“We must not allow a low grader to take us backward and reverse all the achievements made in years by past and present governors of the state.

“We enjoin the good people of Kaduna State to challenge all Guber Candidates to explain how they intend to build on the present structures and infrastructures attained through the years. They should be able to show us areas that they have distinguished themselves in public service through innovative ideas that can take the state forward,” he said.

Recalled that, Ashiru was reportedly conspicuously absented during the meeting of five gubernatorial candidates with Southern Kaduna Christian leaders, in southern Kaduna in Kafanchan area of the state last week.

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