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Revelations in Kaduna: PDP laments “abandonment” of Islamic scholars used for Muslim-Muslim ticket in past elections

…Says, “Muslims deny Qur’anic recitation, 3 times Friday prayers for 14 days

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Kaduna State has made startling revelations on the repercussions of the 2019 Muslim-Muslim ticket on Muslims in Kaduna State.

The PDP State Secretary, Ibrahim Aliyu Wusono, said the same-faith ticket used by the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) party in 2019 in Kaduna State was a deceit and has had more repercussions on the Muslims used to achieve the purported victory.

Hon. Wusono, who made the revelation in an interview with newsmen at Senator Ahmed Makarfi’s guest house in Kaduna, said the Muslim-Muslin ticket was used in Kaduna to lure Muslims. The repercussions were so obvious and more on the Muslims themselves than the Christians.

“They use Muslim-Muslim ticket and deceived Muslims to go and vote for them. Of course, they voted and they claimed to have won the election. Even though, we know they didn’t win, they did what they did to retain the power, but, after claiming the victory, what benefit does Muslims derive from same-faith ticket?

“Muslins doing Qur’anic recitation were being denied it. Muslims for the first time in history were denied going to mosque to perform their 3 times Friday prayers for 14 weeks, which is first since Islam came to African. 

“Again, they did not select the shops of Christians for demolition and exempted that of Muslim shops when they were destroying shops and houses.

“They increase school fees of KASU under the regime from about N25,000 or N30,000 to over N180,000 to about N200,000. Is that what is Islam?

“So, they only used Islam to deceive people. Our Ulamas, Ulster, Sheikhs or Islamic scholars used to campaigns for same-faith ticket, a lot of them are being chased out of their houses. 

“Even from the Mosques where they said is not proper to stop Muslims from performing their prayers just because of corona virus, were being sacked from those mosques. Is that Islamic? 

“How many masques are being destroyed or demolished here in Kaduna under same-faith ticket? So, it’s just for deception and not in the interest of the public…”

The secretary, therefore, promised that PDP under the Rt. Hon. Isa Ahsiru will revisit the increase in school fees in Kaduna State University (KASU), built by the PDP under Governor Makarfi, when it assumes power in 2023.

According to him, PDP will also revisit the issue of the sacked teachers, destruction and demolition of peoples’ shops and houses, and revocation and reallocation of the same plots of land to other persons under APC in the state.

The state party secretary, Ibrahim Aliyu Wusono, made the assertions in an interview when he said “As much as PDP cannot decide for APC, same-faith ticket is improper and unfair.

“We cannot decide for APC on Muslim-Muslim ticket, but we know it’s not proper. Nigeria is for both Christian and Muslim and even those without religion. In governance, every party needs to be present and participate when decisions that will affect them are being taken.

“Even at the level of presidency, for the president to take decision on what affects one faith without their presence is unfair. So, if one is a Christian, the other one should be Muslim and vice-versa,” he said.

“Aside houses destroyed and reallocated to other persons, we will also revisit those sacked from work prematurely. Those due for age will be paid their entitlements and those not reviewed.

“Common men whose shops and stores destroyed and, who cannot go to farm for insecurity, sacked from work and paid nothing, and the increase of school fees affect their children; where are they going to pay from? That is even the causes of this insecurity in our society.

“So, definitely, PDP will revisit a lot of policies introduced by this APC government, if elected and in power in 2023,” he lamented. According to him, “APC has history of sacking of teachers right from the regime of Col. Hameed Ali (retired), and the current Customs Service boss now in APC,” adding that “Col. Hameed Ali sacked many workers, while in office as Military Governor, but when PDP came in, under Governor Makarfi, he reversed the sacked workers.” 

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