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Why I was killed – Kaduna Slain Priest

(Via: Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna)


by Rev. Fr. Jega Daniel Romanus 

“I am Rev. Fr. Vitus Borogo. I am a priest of the Archdiocese of Kaduna, Nigeria. I am Tiv by tribe and, before my forceful exit out of life, I was a chaplain at the Polytechnic. It was on Saturday I decided to go and check my farm along Kaduna-Kachia highway when before my brother, I was attacked and killed. While my spirit was struggling to leave my mortal body, I saw the bandits take my brother away. I tried if I could use my new found strength to save him from them but anytime I tried, my new personality failed me.

“I was killed because I do not speak their language nor follow their religion. I was killed because the government of the state and the nation at the time I was killed cared nothing about the common man. I was killed because the state and the federal government cared more about religion than about common humanity. I was killed because the leaders of the present society have created a society of unequals (the Kings vs the servants). I was killed because my fellow human beings have decided to throw caution to the wind and they now see their fellow human beings as animals and not as persons. I was killed because I resisted being treated like an animal. Even when I was taking my last breath, I begged that they should spare me but they increased the run of bullets on me.

“Now I am gone. I have reunited with my ‘confreres,’ who have experienced the same fate before me. I have met Fr Akete Joseph already. He was the one kept at the gate to welcome me. Fr Alphonsus Bello was sent to get some items for my welcome party. I am yet to see Fr John Bako, even though I asked my brothers here and nobody is telling me anything. I have met a lot of brother priests here, who were victims of man’s inhumanity to man in your world. Later in the day, we shall have Mass here and we shall certainly pray for you. Someday, the story would be different down there, but you guys must be resolute in standing for the faith. 

“The coming days are very scary. From what we are seeing here, if you do not devise a means of protecting yourselves, you may find yourselves where I am without preparing for it. Those priests, who are afraid of preaching the truth, must know that, whether you talk or not, they would still come for you. Those lay faithful, who sell us for “some penny,” know too, that when they are done with us the priests, they may put you into serious frustrations and suffering before they kill you.

“A lot of us, who died brutally, were betrayed by those who hate us. Be careful of those who disclose your whereabouts and plans, too. Yes, it is true that Judas Iscariot is dead long ago, but his descendants are many in our age. For you to live long, happy and safe, you must deal seriously with the enemy within. Those, who have put ahead selfishness and greed, until you convert them or, better still, handle them, you would never be safe. One thing you must know is that, my kind of death was never and would never be without an insider.

“Now that you have bid me farewell, know this, that I would never forget you at the Altar of Sacrifice. Soon, I would be given my parish here to continue with my priestly ministry. I shall always pray for your safety. Take care of my mother very well. My friends, especially Fr Damina, must not forget my mother. Visit her as often as you may have the time. Let her not miss me too much. Tell her God knows why he allowed me to die the way I did.

“Console my family and my kinsmen. Let me also thank my Archbishop for treating me as a worthy son. I saw when you struggled to pray before my corpse at the mortuary when you came to confirm, if truly I passed on. Continue being a father and shepherd to the priests and people entrusted to you. I know the pains are too much, but God would soon wipe away your tears.

“To you the lay faithful, your priests are human beings and not animals. Those, who treat them as human beings, may God bless you. Those, who treat them as animals, remember – there is judgement.

Until you all come here someday, I beg that you take care of yourselves. I have to rest now because the journey was long and I need to rest so as to enjoy the party later.

“I shall talk to you again. Until then, I remain yours in Christ, REV. FR. VITUS BOROGO (dead in your world, but alive in eternity).”

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