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Maternal Deaths: MAMAYE NGO Engages Kaduna, other states

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

A Nigerian NGO, ‘MAMAYE,’ working on how to reduce maternal deaths in some states in the country, has engaged Kaduna.

Co-Chairman of Kaduna Maternal Accountability Mechanism (KADMAM), Mustahpa Jumari, disclosed this in an interview at the end of acquaintance meeting of members on the NGO on Wednesday.

Titled: ‘Agenda for Evidence for Action (E4A-MAMAYE) Inception Meeting with KADMAM,’ the objectives of the meeting, among others, include to communicate E4A’s new investment approach, strategies and anticipated outcomes to the KADMAM.

Other objectives of the meeting include to also understand the place of KDAMAM in terms of its operations and sustainability of her interventions, and to jointly agree on next steps.

The Co-Chairman also explained that the NGO newly engaged Kaduna to support the state in the area of maternal mortality. “And we are going to work with them as KADMAM already in Kaduna, which I chaired, which many of you are members. 

“The meeting we had today was specifically to acquaint us with all the details of what’s going to happen. And we are trying to see some of the areas where we have challenges so that they can help us, in order to have a successful implementation of the projects.

“And we are expected to work in local governments, in order to ensure that whatever is the challenge regarding maternal death will be address. At the end of the day, we will fight a good fight on maternal mortality, particularly in Kaduna State. So far, they are working in about 3 states of Lagos, Kaduna and Bauchi states. We really want to see that we are able to meet up with all the requirements. 

“There are some of the procedural details an organization like our coalition, which we’ve not met, and we are hoping that we will meet up within the specific period; and that is why we will have a meeting very soon to address some of the challenges so that we can be able to ensure that we meet up with the requirement of MAMAYE and, at same time, it will give us a smoothing implementation in Kaduna State,” he explained.

A director from Kaduna State’s Ministry of Human Services and Social Development, Haj. SMB Mahamud, said “The state is doing a lot in the area of maternal mortality with center for free maternal care for pregnant women and children, from zero to five years, VVF survival centre in its Memorial Hospital in Zaria, taking care of the patients. 

“The state is also training and sensitizing on health and hygiene issues for women and other members of the society,” she added.

On MAMAYE, she said, “It’s under KADMAM, and is trying to build the capacity and add more technical know-how of the members to go to their various MDAs and other organizations and participate in more activities for health reliance and development, among others things.” 

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