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Hon. Caleb Mutfwang emerges winner in Plateau’s PDP Gubernatorial Primaries

by Christiana Gokyo, Jos

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Gubernatorial Primaries recently held in Plateau State have seen the emergence of Hon. Caleb Mutfwang as the overall winner.

The Gubernatorial Aspirant had 18 candidates, who contested, out of which 4 aspirants stepped down. Hon. Mutfwang scored a total of 252 votes to beat 18 other aspirants to clinch the party’s ticket ahead of the 2023 general elections.

Speaking after being declared flag-bearer of the party, Mutfwang said, “Today marks the process of reclaiming the glory of Plateau State,” and promised that he will give the people of Plateau State the leadership that they deserve.

The numbers of valid votes cast were 593, while vote cast was 601, with 8 invalid votes.

Among the aspirants include Mr. Dapal Alfred Ali, with 92 votes; Dr. Mazadu Dader Bako, with 03 votes, while Hon. Caleb Mutfwang had 252 votes and was declared winner.

Other aspirants include Chief Jonathan Akuns (16 votes); Timothy Golu (zero votes, Stepped Down); Gushop Jerry Danjuma (06 votes); Jack Yakubu Pam (zero votes, Stepped Down), and Chief Dauda Wuritka Gotring with 88 votes.

Additional aspirants were: Hirse Bagudu Mutle, with 01 votes; Satu Jatau Jewun, with 09 votes; David Shikdu Parradang, with 04 votes; Pastor Vincent Nanle, with zero votes, Stepped Down); Letep Dabang, with zero votes, Stepped Down), and Best Shadrach Gaya, with 04 votes.

Also, among the list were: Mr Alex Ladan, with 02 votes; John Sura, with 03 votes; Chief Wungak Kefas, with 113 votes, and Lenka Dewa, who got zero votes.

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