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APC cautions against “alleged imposition of governorship candidate” of the party

by Christiana Gokyo, Jos

PLATEAU STATE – The All Progressives Congress (APC) elders, representing the 17 local government areas of Plateau State, have cautioned against what they termed as “the distraction, following the recent Press Conference by 17 aspirants, who briefed journalists on the imposition of a candidature of Governorship in the state for the 2023 general elections.”

According to them, they noticed how this allegation was quickly latched on by a group calling itself the Equity and Justice Forum, adding that, many of them are also members of this noble organization but were not aware of when meetings have been called or held.

A member of the State’s APC Elders Council, Prof Dimis Mailafia, who briefed newsmen in Jos on Wednesday, stated that, “It seems likely that only a couple of personages have met in their parlors to share some views among themselves, and these are what we see peddled in the news space. 

“So far, they continue to peddle the false notion that imposition was responsible for the failure of the PDP in 2015! It was not. It was the refusal of the Government of that time to stay the course of rotating power within the zones,” he stressed.

Quoting a proverbial narrative, he noted that, “They say, ‘If a man’s sole inheritance is a hammer, he sees every problem in life as a nail.’ This is how the purported Equity and Justice Forum behaves right now.

“It is almost in a conspiracy to superimpose the 2015 imprint on the wonderful flourish of zoning today in Plateau State with allegation of imposition,” he lamented, and warned the general public, saying, “There are certain ways we are expected to conduct ourselves; at least we are supposed to act with maturity, patience, decorum and circumspection.”

Prof Mailafia questionably noted thus: “Knowing that what camouflages as protest against imposition is nothing but politics, to what extent should we heed our rule to stay clear of political partisanship?”

He continued that, “In any case, if indeed APC in Plateau State is having such an issue, it is the role we envisage for the Elders Council to mediate and reconcile and resolve the crisis, or to demonstrate, beat the war drums and the soapbox to spread acrimony.

“If we really respect our grey hairs, why are we imitating the methods ‘comrades’ our super-active young ones? For them their excuse is that they are youthful; what is our own?” he stated.

“As elders’ representatives from all the 17 Local Government Areas, we are gathered here to caution ourselves against actions that can derail this process that has been smooth so far. 

“For avoidance of doubt, we are opposed to imposition in all elections. It is our desire that the best leadership materials will eventually emerge as leaders in our state and, however, it should not be at the expense of any individual,” he stressed. 

Our correspondent recalled that, about 3 weeks ago, about 18 Governorship Aspirants of the APC briefed journalists on the imposition of the former INEC Commissioner in Benue State, Nentawe Yilwada Goshen, who is one of the aspirants contesting in the state under the APC.

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