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Power outage in Damaturu shoots up cost of water

by Christiana Gokyo, Jos

The recent power outage from the National Electricity Regulatory Authority (NERA) has plunged the people of Damaturu, the capital of Yobe State, into quagmire where a single pump (Kurar Ruwa) of 12 big gallons of 25 liter each of water costs about N500.

Our correspondent observed that, almost all the suburbs of Damaturu are affected by this problem, as they make several trips to Fawari, Shagari, Nainawa and other subdivisions of Ali Marami, Buhari and Bura-Bura Estates, where one can find at one point the kurar ruwa is about N500-600; but it is hard to find “Moya” men (those who provide the kurar ruwa services to the public), as they are very few in number and are all fasting, added to the biting hot sun.

Speaking to journalists, a householder (who asked to remain anonymous) described the devastation caused by the shortage of drinking water for them and their families, as lack of government’s initiative to provide portable water for them. 

The householder stated that, if they had been provided with pumping water stations in every nook and cranny of the town, they would not have experienced this level of hardship in sourcing for water, saying, “Unfortunately, you will find that most of the town’s water supply facilities are owned by the independent people.” 

According to him, the Yobe Government has been trying to provide drinking water to Damaturu, the capital of Yobe State, but the work is going at a snail pace, despite the government’s claim that the ‘work is going simultaneously.’

Mallam Auwal, a Moya trader, called on his fellow Moya traders to fear God and reduce the price of water, knowing that it is now a month of blessings of Ramadan, adding that, “So, convenience of getting water is very important and they should be eager to seek God’s approval in their dealings with mankind.”

He also called on the Yobe State Government to work towards the completion of the Damaturu Water Project for the community to come out of such a predicament.

All efforts made on mobile phone to hear from the Commissioner of the Ministry of Water Resources in Yobe State, Senator Alkali Abdulkadir Jajere, were unsuccessful.

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