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Ex-Minister’s sister, child also killed in S/Kaduna terror attacks

…Queries: “Do we have government?”

…Alleges 100 people buried before.

…Govt should find alleged Hilux used.

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Mrs Lauretta Mallam

A former Minister of Environment, Mrs Lauretta Laraba Mallam, has strongly condemned the renewed attacks and killings of over 30 persons and destruction of several properties in Kagoro, in Kaura local government area of Kaduna State, describing it as senseless and regrettable.

Mrs Mallam, who expressed wonder over the reoccurring nature of the attacks in Southern Kaduna, also for losing a younger sister and her child in the terror attack, attributed it to government’s failure to nip in the bud the excesses of criminals and terrorists in the area.

While she regretted the action, Mrs. Mallam said it’s shameful that the spate of killings is happening and the authorities seemed to be helpless in protecting the defenseless citizens, saying she remember that a hundred of people were buried in the area before.

She disclosed this, while speaking to journalists in an interview shortly after an aspirant, Haruna Saeed, declared his intention to contest 2023 Kaduna Governorship election at the PDP secretariat in Kaduna City.

“Two days ago, the people of  Kagoro in Kaura local government were attacked. This was not the first time; it has been occurring and we thought that this thing will stop. Honestly, I don’t know what is really happening, 

“I lost a sister; my young sister and her child were killed, and I look at this and say do we have a government? In developed countries, things like this will not be happening,  it will not happen. We can see Russia and Ukraine are fighting, they don’t fight in the night and they know why they are fighting and their people know why they are fighting, 

“So, why are we doing hide-and-seek in Nigeria? People will come at night and they will maim and destroy and even kidnap and get away with it and nothing will happen.

“So, I want to believe that, if government really wants to stop what is happening, they will stop it; because we should be ashamed of ourselves in Nigeria that we do not have the capacity to stop such actions,” she lamented.

She then called on government to do the needful by bringing to book the perpetrators and those shielding them, also adding, “What will you say, especially on this Lenten season? This is the time we are having our fasting, prayers and asking God Almighty to take control, and when we say God should take control, we are handing over these perpetrators to God Almighty. He knows what he will do with them.

She, however, said “We have forgiven them; let them continue to come and kill, they cannot wipe away Southern Kaduna People; they can never succeed. One day, the Lord will deliver us,” she said.

On whether people have given up on government to handle the situation, she said, “We are not giving up, but you see, we are not given the chance to defend ourselves. I heard what happened in Kagoro in Kaura local govt. The people were not given chance to defend themselves and this people came in Hilux vans: should government not find out where those Hilux came from; and they were said to be wearing Army uniforms, with sophisticated weapons, according to what we heard.

“So, if that’s what really happened, government should be ashamed of itself, if they cannot bring out those, who did this act,” she further lamented.

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