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El-Rufai’s “Chief Detail” drags woman to court for alleged defamation

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

A high-profile Police Officer, identified to be the Chief Detail of Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State, has dragged a woman to Magistrate’s Court in Kaduna for alleged defamation of character.

The defendant woman, Firdausi Abdullahi, is being accused of “defamation of character” by the complainant Police Officer, Abdullahi Umar Suleiman, over issues arising from land disputes between the duo.

Speaking to newsmen after the Magistrate’s Court sitting in Kaduna, counsel to the claimant, Barrister El-Zubairu Abubakar, said the defendant went to the media and made statements that are defamatory to his client by using some words that are injurious to his character and standing in the society.

Barr. Abubakar further explained that, “In this case we’ve just had before Court 23 NDA Junction Kaduna, the matter came up for mentioning today and was mentioned. 

“The allegations against the person sued, who is the accused, were read to her. She denied the allegations and we undertake to bring witnesses before the court to prove the allegations we are making against her. 

“Her lawyer applied for bail and I responded by saying we did not oppose the bail because it’s a bailable offense. 

“My only complaint was the attitude of the defendant. When we came out of the court last time, she involved me in a conflict I’m not part of. She went to the radio house and made statements that are being castigating about me. 

“I believe that I’m a lawyer in the case, I’m not part of that case; I’m not an inheritor of the land they are talking about. So, I didn’t see any reason why she should use that opportunity to call out my name and even castigate me.

“So, I told the court to warn her to be of good behavior, and the court agreed. The court also granted her bail to bring two shorties with N500,000 in like sum,” he said.

“The complainant is the holder of a statutory certificate of occupancy (C-of-O) over a piece of land at Hayin Dambusia. She feels that she can dispute over that land and feel in her mind she is the owner of that property.

“The right thing would have been to go to court to contest being the ownership; but she didn’t do that; rather, she called press men and talked to them in respect of that land and defamed the complainant.

“The complainant is a highly respected Police Officer. He is known all over, especially in the Police Force.

“When she did that, a lot of his colleagues from different places were calling him to enquire whether his is as they heard over the Radio and Television. So, he felt that he has to clear his name because he considers some of the statements she made are defamatory. That’s why we are in court,” Barr. Abubakar said.

The defendant’s counsel (Barrister Abubakar) also added that, the matter came up for the first time for mentioning – of the allegation against the defendant, the accused person – and was mentioned to her.

“But she denied committing the offense and she was granted bail we applied for. They alleged that she defamed the complainant by using some words that are injurious to his character and standing in the society, over the radio,” the defendant’s counsel stated.

On what is the issue all about, Barr. Abubakar explained that, it was an issue of dispute of ownership of land, and it’s being handled by the High Court. The matter was later adjourned to next month by Magistrate Samira.

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