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Tafawa Balawa University matriculates 3,063 students

…Warns against violation of institution’s rules and regulations governing its conduct.

by Christiana Gokyo, Jos

The Abubakar Tafawa Balawa University (ATBU) has matriculates 3,063 students, who were admitted for the new academic year, in various degree programs.

Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. Muhammed Ahmad Abdulazeez, disclosed this during the Matriculation recently in Bauchi State, when he warned the new students “not to be involved in any form of anti-social vices.”

Prof. Abdulazeez stressed that the institution would not tolerate any act of indiscipline, as the students pursue their 2021/2022 academic session activities.

He said, “ATBU has zero tolerance for all kinds of vices and anti-social conducts, such as cultism, examination malpractice, sexual harassment, drug abuse, indecent dressing, vandalism, and truancy,” adding that, “We totally abhor these behaviors and they attract stiff punishment.”

According to him, their duty is not only to give the students access to knowledge but also to mold their character to conform to excellent societal values and norms, in order to be responsible citizens of the country.

Pof. Abdulazeez noted that, learning and research cannot take place under an atmosphere of chaos, violence, rancor, enmity and malice, among others; and warned that, “The University would not hesitate to expel any student found violating the rules and regulations governing its conduct.”

The VC stated that, the society one wishes to live and drive in, he or she must behave in conformity to its traditions, and wants to believe that “acceptance of the conditionalities of our offer of admission is an indication of your readiness to abide by their laws and status.”

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