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Drugs Abuse Disorder: WHO award winner NGO team storms Kaduna community

…Says, “Drugs abuse kills more than Covid-19”

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Founder-cum President of ‘The Eye Opener Women and Youth Foundation’ and ‘2021 Award winner of WHO No Tobacco Day’ (WNTD) in West Africa, Mrs Margret Julius, at weekend stormed Tudun Wada community, Kaduna State, with members of her foundation.

Mrs. Julius and her team of experts, who specialize in training of youths and community leaders on anti-drugs and substance abuse, were cheerfully received by the Village Head of Tudun Wada, Alhaji Gambo Ibrahim and his team.

Addressing the community leader and his team, Mrs Julius, who spoke extensively in Hausa Language, said they were in the community on peace, based on understanding and to assist them professionally on how to reduce high incidences of drugs and substance abuse and disorder in the community through collaboration.

According to her, drugs abuse disorders in the community has already gotten out of hand and has reached the climax whereby security intervention by way of arrests has worsened the situation rather than ameliorating it, and therefore required civil and professional approach.

She added that her Foundation’s intervention would ensure that the community and youth leaders are trained and made them become “self recovery allies” so that they could save their lives themselves and the lives of other people. 

“We know that drug abuse is a pandemic, claiming the lives of many people, especially youths, more than COVID-19. 

“So, we are coming out to organize this with our resources so that people and families could have peace,” she said, stressing that no families and communities with high incidence of drug addictions enjoyed peace, as well as its states and the nation at large.

She, therefore, called on local, state and federal governments of Nigeria and the international community to collaborate with them to get rid of the menace from the society for peace to reign, for development to thrive. 

Earlier, the Village Head of Tudun Wada, Alhaji Gambo Ibrahim, who expressed lamentation, said the drugs and substance abuse and disorder situation was so bad at certain time that no strangers could enter their area.

Alhaji lbrahim, who also spoke in Hausa, summarized that youths were found smoking and abusing the drugs openly even on streets, in broad daylight in the community, and would take it dirty with any community leader, who dares report to police or go against them.

He thanked the founder and her team for the courtesy visit and expressed happiness that the foundation has agreed to come and train his leaders on how to overcome the challenges of drug and substance abuse and disorder.

Findings revealed that the foundation with the task of fighting drugs and substance abuse and disorders through training, rehabilitation and providing skills for them won the 2021 WHO award WNTD in West Africa, because of its outstanding performance.

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