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Kaduna Liquor, Palm wine Joints explode as Beer price skyrocket

…Fear of domestic violence looms ahead.

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

The population of consumers of liquor, palm wines and other alcoholic drinking joints has rapidly increased, following alleged rise in price of beers in Kaduna State.

Accordingly, fears of increase in domestic violence against women by men have also been expressed as a result of hike.

Our correspondent, who monitored the situation in Kaduna, reported that most popular beer parlor and joints visited were virtually empty, or scanty, with only one or two consumers sighted in most cases.

Beer consumers in liquor and palm wines joints, who spoke with our correspondent, however, complained bitterly about the increase in beer price, lamenting that a normal bottle of beer now costs between N350 and N400 and above, describing it as abnormal.

In Television Garage, Sabon Tasha, Kakuri, Romi, Gonin Gora, New Road, among other areas visited in suburb Kaduna Town, the stories are almost the same.

Also in a chat with some consumers in Ungwan Yelwa popular palm wine joints, some regular costumers explained that they are not used to seat down at home, adding that it increased the chances of their involvement in domestic violence.

According to them, beer joints relieved them of the burden of sitting at home doing nothing, makes them forgive and forget offenders, and behaved more friendly under the influence of alcohol aside catching fun, friends and other things of attraction.

Some of the management staffs of beer parlors, who spoke to our reporter on anonymity, said the increase in price of normal bottles of beer was due to increase in cost of crates and cartons of beers supplied them from breweries.

Efforts to get in touch with breweries public relations manager proved abortive due to bottlenecks.

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