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511 Widows Get Empowerment, 609 Students Receive Scholarships Plateau State

by Christians Gokyo, Jos

A cross-section of beneficiaries during the Empowerment of Widows and Students, by Senator Istifanus Gyang, in Jos.

About six hundred and nine (609) students have been awarded scholarships and over five hundred and eleven (511) widows have equally been empowered with petty trading.

The Senator representing Northern Senatorial District, Senator Istifanus D. Gyang,  disclosed this on Monday during the Widows Petty Trading Empowerment and Students Scholarship Award in Jos.

According to Senator Gyang, 511 widows were already on the list, but there were some that they have to accommodate, and these are to receive N20,000 each, saying, “This category of widows are a special group.”

He recalled his mother’s suffering when he lost his father during his education, which he went through difficulties in school, and the challenge students face – using it as a pivot of this intervention.

“So, it is not just a thing that has just come like that; it is a product of a personal experience that this two groups deserve attention much more than ever,” he stressed.

Said he: “There is this much we can do with greater capacity; we would be doing more to this particular groups, at least it’s for petty trading for this widows. Those of them that are into it are to enhance it, while those that are yet to start can start.”

Speaking on the students, he said the students are to receive N10,000 each, which he observed that the State Government is giving N5,000 only as scholarship to the students for a year, stressing that, by God’s grace, his constituency is giving N10,000 per student, which he believes can help them.

Besides this gesture, Senator Gyang noted that, he has empowered about 200 women with 20,000 each, with sewing machines and others items, and has other projects on ground, which include a school block in Plateau North, 3 markets to help boost the economy, rural electrification, rural roads and water. Some of these projects have lasted for 20 years and were abandoned.

He urged parents to always be careful with the choice of words to their children whenever they made a mistake or do something wrong. Rather, they should pray for the success of their children.

He charged the students to see this opportunity as a platform of preparation, in spite the difficulties they face in school, and let the challenges not be a reason to give up their studies, no matter what happens, and come out successful.

Senator Gyang also charged them to shun anybody or group that would ask them to come and join them in cultists or any satanic acts or gang. They should say “No” to it and also be careful with the Internet, too, because it’s a trap for people.

On the Direct Primaries issue, the Senator stated thus: “Well, the National Assembly has taking its decision; the President is now being awaited to grant his assessment. The discussion of the President would be made public, and his decision would determine the next line of action of amendment of the Electoral Act, which is a very key to guarantee a credible election in our nation.”

Speaking also, former Minister of Water Resources, Mrs Sarah R. Ochapa, said following the recent happening in the state, they are aware that the number of widows are increasing by the day, which many of them are going through difficulties with their children in their everyday lives.

She advised them to learn to invest to see what has been given to them and not to eat it up, but it’s only wise for them to see how they can turn what has been given to them into investment, which they can do it individually.

“I believe that, if they are able to work together in some kind and f co-operative, they would have better reward for their labour by coming together.”

For the students, she observed that, “We are in very terrible times – where there is the increase in the use of modern drugs and alcohol, and it’s having a toll on our children, especially the students.

“If they want to be like the Senator or, be like some of them that had the opportunity to serve, they should shun drugs and drunkenness,” she urged.

Mrs Ochapa urged the students that, the scholarships they have been given (most of them are on holidays now) they can also convert it to an investment that would help them, and they should also ensure they work hard at school and not to participate in exam malpractices or in the use of drugs or any immoral activities.

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