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Most Kaduna communities lack water, light, telecom network

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Kaduna State residents have been experiencing persistent shortage of pipe born water in some parts of the metropolis for quite a while now.

Areas mostly affected include Ungwan Boro, U/Pama, Sabon Tasha, among other areas of Chikun local government of Kaduna Town and its environs.

In Ungwan Boro, the story is as old, as many could no longer remember when last water was running in the water pipes leading to their premises and living rooms, a situation many government officials attributed to the ‘ongoing urban renewal infrastructural development’ in the state, even though, there were issues in some communities long before the infrastructural projects. 

While the residents were battling in vain with survival without pipe born water in various homes across many communities in the state, the telecom network was recently shutdown in most parts of the metropolitan local government areas as measures to (hopefully) “stem the tide of security challenges” caused by bandits. 

The shutting down of telecom network, nevertheless, did not only lead to increase in hardship but redoubled movement of people from poor to low network areas with attendant increase in cost of transportation within the State.

Some of the security measures also put in place have reportedly increased hardship among people, which includes the total ban and restrictions of movement of motorcycles and tricycles within specific places and time in the city.

Rather than helping to reducing the crimes, criminalities and banditry activities it was originally meant for, public opinion and religious leaders observed that the reverse had been the case.

For instance, Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Kaduna State chairman, Rev John Joseph Hayab, recently revealed that a total of 46 persons were kidnapped by bandits about three weeks after the introduction of the ‘security measures’ in communities in Gwagwada.

Thereafter, over 60 others were also reportedly kidnapped from Baptist Church, all in Chikun LGA of the state by the bandits, who later killed two, while three others were seriously injured. This is apart from those killed and kidnapped in Zangon-Kataf and other local government areas of the State during and after security measures already in place.

In Zangon-Kataf, attacks, kidnapping and killings occurred for almost one week with eyes and tongues of some of the victims removed, while a twins kid nailed on the head later died.

Some of victims, who had little opportunities to make distress calls, could not do so due to the shutting down of network in the areas, according to family sources. Incidentally, the people in community around Ungwan Boro Primary School have suffered about eight months’ power outage when their transformer was removed for alleged repair by Electricity Company (KAEDCO).

Shortly after it was resolved, the Ungwan Boro ECWA Hausa area started suffering the same fate, as the transformer supplying the area has been removed for repair by the company, although, the move was earlier resisted by youth in the area for fear it may not be brought back in time or at all. At moment, the people in the area are without light, network and even pipe born water. 

Many of those, who spoke to our correspondent, are, therefore, of the candid opinion that the telecom network should be restored immediately to avoid worsening the bandits’ situation, arguing that technology used in tracking criminals in developing nations should not be shutdown to improve security challenges erroneously.

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