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JOS: St. Louis Callege graduates 80 students

by Christiana Gokyo, Jos

St. Louis Girls College Principal, Sr. Ronda Enna, cutting Graduation Cake, flanked by graduating students.

A number of eighty (80) students have been graduated by St. Louis College Jos, for the 2021 academic session.

Principal of the college, Rev. Sr. Ronda Enna, while speaking at the occasion, said as they go into the wider world, they should be “cautious as snakes and gentle as doves,” for they are going like sheep to a pack of wolves; and so they should watch out.

The principal explained that, “The wolves of this generation and the security challenges are: Boko Haram, bandits, rapists, ritualists and kidnappers, among others.”

Sr. Ronda urged the students to “be careful with our world of today before you fall victim of circumstances,” adding thus: ‘I’m now a big girl’ does not stop you from listening to your parents and guardians. Their instructions and mentorship are still relevant for your growth.

“Wise children make their parents proud, while foolish ones bring grief,” she said, while citing the holy scriptures from the book of Proverbs 10: 1. “Be girls that your parents, the school, the Church and the society will be proud of always,” she urged.

According to her, “A good reputation is better than expensive perfume. Life is full of choices; choose wisely on daily basis and remain focused on your choice. Your world is full of surprises, and so let nothing take you by surprise.

“The experience you have been exposed in your training in leadership will call me in handy in the future.

“As a set, you will immediately identify yourselves with St. Louis Old Girls Association (SLOGA) and contribute your quota to the development of the School,” Rev. Sr. Enna added.

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