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Doemak Youth Association marks Annual Food Carnival

by Christiana Gokyo, Jos

It has been observed that, economic, social and political instability in Nigeria are all manmade problems confronting the country, which requires human efforts, especially young people, in correcting them.

This observation was made by Hon. Manji Kwarben during the 2021 Annual Traditional Food Carnival of the Doemak Youth Development Association (DYDA), Jos chapter, held at the Azi Nyako Youth Centre in Jos the Plateau State capital recently.

According Hon. Kwarben, “The social, economic and political instability facing the country is a manmade problem and, this means that our progress is in our hands. It is good to come together, and that is why we are here working as a family. Indeed we need progress in our communities, we need progress in our state,” we need progress in the country.

Speaking also at the event, the Commissioner for Youths and Sports Development, Hon. Victor Lapang, charged the youths in the state to be active in the political and democratic process of the country, adding that, youths are the drivers of democracy and must strive to overcome the challenges that are limiting their potentials from active participation into the country’s politics. The commissioner disclosed that, “The political instability Nigeria witnessed was caused by politicians, and there has been democratic instability since the return of democracy in 1999, and 55 percent of the instability in our democracy was caused by us (politicians), and 75 percentage has been caused by the youths. Why is that so? It is because the youths are the ones that drive the democracy.

The Commissioner (in white-stripes shirt) with Victor Lapang to his left, flanked by other dignitaries inspecting traditional delicacies at the Doemak Youth Food Carnival during the occasion in Jos.

“But the unfortunate thing we had is that we did not realize that the youths drive the process of democracy, and why are the youth lagging? It’s because the youths are economically handicapped,” he noted.

He said, he remained optimistic that Nigeria – a third world nation – will overcome her woes just as other developed nations of the world, adding that, Nigeria is a work-in-progress and all hands must be on deck to better its concept of governance and the nation’s democratic practice, which he said is “slow but sure.” 

According to him, “If the youths can do the things that the elderly ones could not do just as exemplified by the Doemak Youth Development Association of Pan nation, the country will be better. For me, I see Nigeria as a work in progress; we did not create our own system of governance. 

“The colonialists came and hoisted a system on us that was strange to us, and we are working within that system,” he said, stressing that, “W”e are not there yet, but with the youths and the will power, if we can do what the elders could not do, we will be very much more better.

While commending the Doemak Youth Development Association for organizing the cultural food carnival for 11 years consecutively, which showcases the rich cultural heritage of the Pan-speaking natives in the world, he applauded the youths also for creating platforms for discussion over the years aimed at promoting unity of the people, the state and the entire country, and charged youths across the state to emulate them.

The Chapter Chairman of Doemak Youth Development Association in Jos said the annual traditional food carnival creates an avenue for both young and old to meet and discuss issues that will promote unity, national integration and chatting a way forward for the growth of the country.

He said the food carnival often gives younger children born in the city the opportunity to know about their cultural heritage, delicacies and know their root as a people.

Panelists at the 2021 annual food carnival, Mr. Innocent Danjang, Kevin Kope’p and Cornelius Doeyok, respectively, both charged the youths to strive towards economic emancipation and be equipped with skills as well as explore entrepreneurial opportunities.

They cautioned the youths from being used for negative vices but to ensure they get themselves involved in the political processes in the state, which will arm them towards correcting some of the ills facing the country.

Some of the traditional delicacies displayed at the event are Nawe’e, Lua-ass, Ko’o goe lem, Oeksua, Muloem, Lagoenji, Chim-aarab, Bala, Amm-toeng, Muos marr, Oegoes-Mwarang, Lua Lade, amongst others.

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