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Stalemate in Kaduna over interim LG Caretaker C’tee Appointees

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna 

There appears to be tension and stalemate in southern part of Kaduna State, following the appointment of local government interim caretaker committee, adjudged to be “non-indigenous” to the people in the area, by Governor Nasir El-Rufai.

The Youth Wing of Southern Kaduna People’s Union (SOKAPU) leaders have said the appointment of interim caretaker committee across the 23 local government areas of the state negated sensibility of fairness, equity and just, describing it as clannish, religiously bias and affront to their people in entirely.

According to them, the appointments made Governor El-Rufai are not only despicable but unacceptable, and an attempt to ignite crises and violence across the region.

The youth wing of the union disclosed this in an elaborate statement issued in Kaduna weekend and made available to journalists by the National Youth Leader, Comrade John Isaac, aka “Sir Jay.”

It stated that, “Following the recent appointment and deployment of interim caretakers across the 23 local governments areas of the state necessitated by the expiration of the three years’ tenure of the elected chairpersons of the councils, the youth wing of SOKAPU is particularly bewildered by the clannish and opened display of bigotry by the Governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Nasiru El-Rufai, with regards to the appointment,” it stated.

The youth stated that the appointments of interim caretakers completely negate the sensibility of fairness, justice and equity.

It noted that, “The governor’s appointment of members of a minority faith over a people and region that is 99 percent Christian is a deliberate attempt to ignite crises and violence across the region.

“It is not only despicable but unacceptable for the governor to appoint persons and individuals with no knowledge and understandings of the cultures and dynamics of a people and region such as Southern Kaduna, especially in a state bedeviled by mutual suspicion and mistrust,” it stated.

They state that, “More disturbing is the brutal fact that most of these appointees are not indigenous to Southern Kaduna. The governor has undoubtedly, at every slightest occasion undermined the principles of fairness and justice and has deliberately attempted to relegate Southern Kaduna and its people to the background.

“It is, therefore, worthy of note to remind the governor that power is transient and can never be held in perpetuity.

“While we salute the courage, optimism and endurance of our brothers and sisters in the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) party in the face of perpetual humiliation, subjugation, disregard and disrespect occasioned by the actions and inactions of the governor, it is, however, sad to observe that their prolonged silence amidst the continuous display of bigotry and relegation of the People of Southern Kaduna, destruction of our traditional institutions, lopsided infrastructural development and clannish political appointments by the governor has elevated to an alarming proportion and is henceforth grossly unacceptable.

“Similarly, it is imperative to state in clear terms that the continuous silence of our brothers and sisters, especially our elected Representatives, is beginning to toe the path of treachery. 

“To this end, the ever conscious, cultured and no-nonsense youths of Southern Kaduna will henceforth not tolerate the naivety and the cowardly silence of our brothers and sisters at all levels and parties.

“The Youth Wing has repeatedly called for calm in the face of all ills, while believing these ills will be addressed, but to our dismay they are on the rise.  

“Unless these ills demonstrated in unfair treatment of our people and region by the governor are addressed and discontinued; unless Southern Kaduna takes its rightful place in the affairs of the state; unless justice prevails in the state.

“SOKAPU YOUTH WING, being the umbrella body of Southern Kaduna youths, can no longer guarantee calm from the already charged youths of the region. We, therefore, ask the Government to immediately reconsider this appointments and act in the spirit of fairness and justice,” it lamented, adding that “Justice is the only panacea to Peace.”

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