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Insecurity a Repetition of Sokoto Jihadists War – Meddle-Belt Leader decries

…Says, “Govt knows, pays kidnappers, bandits.” – Prof. Yusuf Turaki

…“Nigeria will soon triumph over insecurity.” – VP 

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Prof. Yusuf Turaki, on Tuesday descended heavily on federal government, alleging that government knows kidnappers, bandits and other criminal elements in Nigeria as well as paying them to the detriment of the nation’s security.

Prof. Turaki disagreed with politicians, who are blaming killings in Middle-Belt on farmers/herders’ clashes, stating that it is a deceptive narrative with the motives of what he called a “repetition of Sokoto jihadists war.”

Turaki, the Prof of Theology and Social Ethics, spoke at the one-day Peace and Security Summit, organised by Kaduna State chapter of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) held at ECWA Goodnews Church, Narayi, Kaduna.

Titled, ‘Nigeria’s Insecurity: The Church’s Response in the 21st Century,’ the Middle-Belt leader, who was the leading keynote speaker, noted that violence has taken over the country to the extent that every segment of the society now speaks violence, adding, “Everybody is overwhelmed with violence.”

“These are foreign Fulani, who have been allowed to enter Nigeria so that they could help their brothers in Nigeria to kill innocent citizens and wreck havoc on our ancestral lands.

“These Fulani occupy the lands, carrying AK-47 rifles, killing people, destroying communities in the Middle-Belt and other parts of the country.

“And the government knows them; government pays them to destroy ancestral lands. Politicians know the bandits that enter Nigeria, but they will not tell us. Politicians have devised a wrong narrative that is deceptive, saying it is farmers/herders clash in Middle-Belt. If it is clash, how comes Fulani are carrying AK-47 to kill the people?

“Nigeria is well blessed with intelligent people, but they cannot up till today solve insecurity in the country.  Something terrible has befallen our country. God, open the mouths of the people, let them speak the truth and die for the truth.

“What the Fulani are doing now is exactly what Sokoto jihadists did in those old days. They kidnapped and asked people to pay ransom in those days. If you cannot pay, they sold you into slavery or killed you. So, kidnapping is not different from what happened during the Sokoto jihadists’ war. They captured infidel. It is being repeated now in Nigeria,” Turaki retorted.

In his speech as the Special Guest of Honour, Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, assured that kidnapping, banditry and insecurity generally would “soon become things of the past, as the country would soon triumph over them.”

Prof. Osinbajo, who likened Nigeria’s socio-economic problems to that of a woman in a labour room, said, “After much pains, there will be celebration by the people, when they eventually overcome hardship.”

The Vice President was represented at the summit by the Vill Chaplain, Pastor Joseph Oluseyi Malomo.

According to Osinbajo, “We all desired a nation devoid of any form of kidnapping and terrorism. We have heard prophecies of a ‘Shining Nigeria;’ we are longing for the day those prophecies will come to reality.

“We need to fight the fight of faith, because God’s plan for the greatness of Nigeria has not changed; it will surely come. We need to pray for Nigeria.

“Many are weighed down because of problems they are going through. We must as Christians keep the Altars of God burning with prayers to overcome these problems.

“We must keep faith and see the problems we are going through as bread. God will take us to the Promise Land of a great nation with great value. We must reject politics of identity and ethnicity. Nigeria is going to be a shining nation, and insecurity will soon end,” he said.

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