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Nigeria’s Corruption “A drop of water in the ocean” to Chad – Activist

…Says, “Chad is a nation ruled by illiterates; needs int’l support now.”

…“Boko Haram issue is artificial; can be eliminated in a days.”

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

A Chadian activist, Ibrahim Zane Congy, has asserted that, “Chad is the only nation on earth that is ruled by illiterates and has the highest rate of poverty, illiteracy and a brutal dictator.”

Zane Congy, who disclosed this, while speaking to journalists in Kaduna, said “Chad remained the poorest nation on earth, despite its indebtedness.

“We have the highest rate of unemployment and a high percentage rate in education with over 80% of the population being illiterate,” he added.

Congy, who was in company of two other Chadians, who are socio-political activists, said that “Nigeria’s corruption is just a drop (of water) in the ocean compared to Chad.”

Taking a swipe on the former Chadian leader, Idris Deby Itno, activist Congy alleged that contrary to wide beliefs, Mr Deby is a monstrous brutal dictator, who was never a source of stability of the region and its neighbors.

“Deby is not a source of stability as widely seen. He was kept there by France due to their vested interest in the region. He was the one that has been causing problems in Darfur and other places, especially in Chad in particular,” he said.

Congy was emphatic that, “The issue of Boko Haram that people are facing now is an artificial one. It can be eliminated within days, if leaders are serious.

“They are supported by criminals, who are killing the innocent people. Why didn’t you hear that a high-ranking person – like a very top military commander – is killed or politicians, but they go from town-to-town killing farmers and poor people,” he lamented.

He also said that the aim of the press briefing is to call on the international community and sub-regional bodies to intervene in bringing true democracy to the people of Chad.

“Chad only knows democracy for about two years after independence, in August, 1960. 61 years of Chad’s independence is filled with sorrows and, out of these years, Idris Deby did 31 years and nothing positive ever came out of the man.

“Even little children, when given an opportunity will do better than Deby. Criminals will feel a sense of responsibility than Deby,” he said.

On why he felt bitter about Deby, Zane Congy alleged that, “He took the nation hostage. He handed the nation to France as much as he remains in power.

“The military junta is unconstitutional; they bypassed the constitution and brought the son of Idris Deby, who is an illiterate. The French Ambassador was saying that France knows about the coup d’état,” he alleged.

He also said that the Chadian people do not want to go the way of Rwanda, S/Leone, Liberia, which had made it difficult as well as destroy the lives of people.

He said that the whole of Africa and other well-meaning nations will keep on supporting Nigeria’s efforts to secure a Seat at the United Nations (UN) Security Council, as Nigeria being the “Giant of Africa” had shown leadership in all that it has been doing, not just in Africa but the rest of the world.

Mr Ibrahim Zane Congy was accompanied on the trip by Mrs Koutou Rosali Amos and Mr Ngargoto Samuel. 

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