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Forum suggest military strategy to tackle bandits, secure abductees

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Participants at the Monthly Forum with media on peace Journalism in Kaduna have identified military strategy to deal with bandits and secure abducted Nigerians in bandits’ (and Boko Haram) captivity.

A participant suggested that the military should stop playing “kid glove” with bandits but should deploy “weapon of sleeping chemical” to rescue the abducted people, including students from the bandits’ enclave.

The journalist, who made the observation during the session at the peace forum, stated that the military could deploy same technology to rescue other abductees in captivity of kidnappers.

The journalist, Mr Idibia Gabriel, who was responding to allegation by a participant that the military said it allegedly discovered the bandits’ hideout or location but could not launch any attack on them for fear of what it described as ‘collateral damage’ it would cause on the lives of abductees.

He argued that a similar technology was deployed to rescue American citizens, who were kidnapped from Niger and hostaged in Niger State, centre of Nigeria, without any collateral damaged.

Earlier, participants in the forum organized by Interfaith Mediation Centre (IMC) took an overview of issues and events that occurred in the month of May, 2021, and those ones capable of creating tensions in due course.

Among the contentious issues listed includes labour strike and Kaduna State Government, continuous demolition of markets and commercial areas in Kaduna State without providing alternative places for affected people.

Others include increase in tuition fees in upward of 500 percent for Kaduna State University by the state government, suspension of operating license of Human Radio and Television programme of Ahmed Isa over assault on guest, as well as continuous attack and killings of Police in some parts of the country, respectively.

Statewide drugs and substance abuse by young and adults and its effect on the general insecurity by ‘Eye Opener’ NGO founder, the pathetic situation of students in KASU in the face of arbitrary tuition fees increment by a student leader, among other vexed bandits issues, were seriously highlighted by the participants comprising media practitioners, religious leaders and others.

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