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Bauchi Govt worries over population explosion

…Points accusing fingers at insecurity in neighbouring states.

by Christiana Gokyo, Jos

The Bauchi State Government says the population of its citizens has risen, from the official record of 6.5 million, to about 10 million, which has overstretched its services and infrastructures.

The state governor, Bala Abdulkadir Muhammad, has alleged that this scenario is largely as a result of the influx or displaced people from neighboring states – where there is massive insecurity – into Bauchi.

Speaking when a delegation of the National Institute of Security Studies “Course 14” paid him a visit in Government House Bauchi, recently, the governor said the state is the gate-way to the North-east and North-central states that have challenges.

According to him, the state is facing challenges in terms of demographics, migration and immigration due to people running from contestant devastation by insecurity of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa States.

Governor Muhammad noted that, the influx of migrants into the state has overstretched its infrastructures, adding that the state has the highest numbers of out-of-school children, “and there is unemployment, youth restiveness and, of course, there are infrastructure and services gaps in health, in education and even in our transportation and the rest.”

The governor pointed out that, there is high expectation from the polity, thereby overstretching the security agencies, adding that the zone is so pervasive in terms of security.

“We have the Boko Haram and the incursion of other security issues; entangled with the help of the security agencies are some of the issues on community relations.

“The conflict between herders and farmers and, even between their own brothers and sisters of various faiths in terms of religion, it appears to be a certain lull over the polity and is giving them some solitary effects in a manner that it will be able to sit down and plan and do so many things that border on the theme of their course, which is ‘Security Development in the Various Sub-Nationals and in Africa in Generally.’ ”

Speaking earlier, Mrs Evenmiloye Oyeyele, who led the team, said the 66 participants from the institute are currently undergoing a 10-month course, leading to the award of Fellows, which 17 in her delegation are members of the syndicate.

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