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Psychiatric Hospital Builds 40 Beds-space for Drugs, Substance Abuse Patients in Kaduna

…Builds Covid-19 Isolation Centre, Procures Dialysis Machine, others

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna 

Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, Kaduna, has completed building of a new drugs rehabilitation ward of at least 40 beds-spaces for treatment of patients with cases of drugs and substance abuse-related problems.

The hospital has also provided the building of a new emergency ward of 40-bed facilities that will accommodate the medical records department and provide emergency cares as part of projects from routine capital.

Medical Director of the hospital, Prof. Abdulkareem Jika Yusuf, who disclosed these in a chat with our correspondent in Kaduna, also revealed that there’s a new completed building of Isolation Centre for the COVID-19 intervention project, targeting procurement initiated by federal government to upgrade facilities available for treatment, and to prepare for future pandemics that are likely to emerge.

According to him, the new buildings have all been completed, awaiting installation of equipment already procured for the various departments that would soon be commissioned.

“The hospital went into top gear to obtain equipment necessary for function of the isolation centre.  The procurement of personal protective equipment, Mocular Lab for diagnoses of most of the novel viruses,” the MD said, describing the projects as a “landmark development,” in order to deliver services to both psychiatric patients and the general public.

The MD recalled that, “In 2019, there was problem of illegal rehabilitation, and the hospital played a key role in taking over the care of almost all the patients. So, we’re expanding the services to accommodate more patients for quality service delivery.”

While he thanked the Federal Government and Management Board for funding and supporting the development, the MD also acknowledged the building and improvements made on the post-Nursing classrooms school under his administration, among other projects as first since established.

He, however, appealed for more funding to meet up with other challenges requiring improvement to provide more quality services, including more classrooms for the post-Nursing School, adding that “without basic knowledge of mental health, there would be no health.”

Earlier, the Senior System Engineer of Sudabelt Medical, Olumide Akinola, in conjunction with Haruna Usman Toma (Head, Information and Protocol), recounted some of “top notch” equipment supplied the hospital, including the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Beds with Motorola electrical control, Air purifier, digital thermometer, Oxygen Concentrator.

Others are, Baxter Dialysis machines, with dedicated central role system, BP checking facilities, in-and-out of the hospital stores and, indeed, entrance examination emergency ward, among others. 

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