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Ramadan: NGO mobilizes 100 Volunteer Clerics to embark on campaign against ceaseless rise in foodstuffs

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Pastor Yohanna Buru

A team of Nigeria Christian clerics and Muslims are out with plans with the sole purpose of visiting all the northern Nigerian market unions across the region on the need to cut down prices of food stuffs, in order to enable Muslims kick-start the Holy Month without any fear of rising prices of the comodities in the market. 

This has become imperative in view of the rising prices of food and other commodities in the markets as the Holy Month of Ramadan approaches.

According to Pastor Yohanna Buru, who is founder of a non-governmental organization, ‘Peace Revival and Reconciliation Foundation of Nigeria,’ Muslims and Christian clerics “do usually meet with some of the marketers and discuss on the importance of the holy month every year before starting the Ramadan.” 

While calling on them not to take advantage of the month through doubling the prices of foodstuffs or creating artificial scarcity of foodstuffs, Buru said, “This year, we have mobilized 100 volunteer Christian-Muslim clerics across the north to help us take ‘Cut-down-your-price campaign’ to all market unions across the northern part of the country.

“It’s surprising seeing rising of foodstuffs amidst corona-virus pandemic; hence, the need to appeal to marketers to help and cut down their prices, to enable Muslims eat and pray for peace stability of the country.

“The essence of the campaign is to Meet, Dialogue and Talk with various market unions and other fruits sellers, in other to appeal to them to either cut down their prices or not to increase a penny from all the goods and services they sell.

“Am begging on Nigerian marketers to, please, cut down the price of goods and services, as the Ramadan is about to kick-start,” he stated.

He stressed that this is the 7th year that his organization has been organizing Christian and Muslim scholars, who usually visit the market unions, and deliberate on ways not-to-put-much-price on food items during the holy months.

Buru said, “This is to enable Muslims buy food stuffs and fruits at affordable prices throughout the 30 days for breaking their fast.

“God will surely be angry with any marketer or seller that doubles the prices of his goods just because he wants to take advantage of the holy season. Such marketer will not enter paradise.”

Pastor Buru told marketers to remember widows, physically-challenged persons, orphans, and internally-displaced persons (IDPs) with unemployed persons in everything they are doing.

The man of God also said that, “The 100 volunteer Pastors and Imams would soon commence visiting market unions and other market agencies so as to appeal to them in finding means of not increasing food stuffs, which will affect every citizen, not only Muslims but also Christians and other traditional religious believers.”

He also urged Muslim philanthropists to immensely open ‘Ramadan Markets’ from which poor Muslims can afford to buy food stuffs at affordable prices.

“Buru concluded by saying, “During last 5 years’ Ramadan, I personally took a campaign with the theme, ‘Cut-down-your-prices’ to some local markets in Kaduna State and met the various unions in some local governments. We have added the number of clerics this year, and we are hoping to see that marketers corporate.

“The church has planned sharing food stuffs to the poor Muslims and IDPs, with people that were sacked in some communities as a result of bandit attacks.

While wishing Muslims world-wide Happy Ramadan in advance, Pstr Buru equally called on wealthy Muslims to help the needy, which include widows and orphans.

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