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Map showing Cultural Middle-Belt Region

…As compiled by our Research Department.

ETHNOLOGY / ETHNOGRAPHY (The Middle-Belt people are the Aborigines of Central Nigeria).










FCT Abuja.

Southern Borno.

Southern Yobe.

Southern Bauchi.

Southern Kaduna.

Southern Kebbi.

  • It is the host and home of Rivers Niger and Benue in Nigeria.
  • It is interspersed by upland and broad valleys and plateau.
  • It is covered by high grass (low-tree Savanna) and acacia-tall grass Savanna and acacia desert grass Savanna.
  • The Savanna Region is almost of the same latitude between the North and South of Nigeria.
  • It stretches from the Western to Eastern Longitude of Nigeria.
  • As a “belt,” it holds and rounds the waist of Nigeria, from the East to the West; it is Central Nigeria.
  • It is the Midland-Belt and, therefore, is known and called as the “Middle-Belt Region of Nigeria.”
  • Made up of the Old KWARARRAFA EMPIRE and her Allies of the North-East.

The Region consists of various Ethnic Nationalities, a Region of Shared Culture, e.g., the Nok-Culture. The people are never conquered by any invading racial or religious force. It consists of autonomous kingdoms and chiefdoms. The people are hereby called to speak with one voice and condemn the mass killings, as it is genocide, because it is an attempt to annihilate the people from their fatherlands.

Equity must recognize the fact that Middle-Belt Nationalities occupied the present-day Nigeria before colonial Britain came calling. The people were independent and sovereign in their own right, and, therefore, it’s not debatable. As a geo-political and geo-cultural component of Nigeria, we are not only stakeholders; we are high interested party to the political health of Nigeria as a whole, and our own region of the country in particular.

The present administration is very hostile to the people of the Middle-Belt. The autocratic rule of the administration is preventing the people from running and learning democracy and democratic values. The level of political and democratic conducts of government is below acceptable standards. The reason is the hidden agenda of the government to force the country and turn it into an Islamist State, which is not going to be possible.

We do not have leadership but a government been run by a cabal. The government should know that we have had, and suffered, enough of ethnic and religious riots and yet, we have been willing to add Boko Haram, which is mayhem to our list of woes.

We, as a people, will continue to call for the restructuring of the country or full implementation of the National Conference Recommendations of 2014. The Middle-Belt Region is also calling for national dialogue of all ethnic nationalities. We believe that, it is through dialogue that the country can be restructured for the benefit of all.


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