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Corruption fight must begin within individuals, grassroots to succeed – IMC participants

by Achadu  Gabriel, Kaduna

The Faith Based Platform on the fight against corruption recently organized a one-day Town Hall meeting for persons with disability, religious and community leaders and other Civil Society Organizations in Kaduna state.

The Town Hall meeting, which is one in the series of many forums held over the past two years, witnessed participants giving various testimonies on the success and impact on the fight against corruption in their various communities.

The programme, which is supported by MacArthur Foundation with Mambayya House, Kano state, is being coordinated by the Interfaith Mediation Centre based in Kaduna state, according to the communiqué signed by Pastor Dr. James Movel Wuye and Imam Dr. Muhammad Nurayn Ashafa, who are Co-Executive Directors of Interfaith Mediation Centre, Kaduna state.

Participants commended the organizers, especially for co-opting disabled persons into the programme, as well as choosing the topic on faith-based approach on the fight against corruption as a subject of discussion.

They also lamented that there was increase of disability rate in the country, as many of them are not being provided with basic amenities, stressing the need to be provided with basic amenities so as to achieve the fight against corruption in the country.

Both men and women stressed the urgent need to extend the fight against corruption to schools, especially primary schools, in order to educate the pupils on the danger of indulging in corruption and syndrome of “catch them young.”

While they blamed some parents as the real actors that indulge their children in corrupt practices through monetary appreciation, participants said that such parents must desist so as to have a corrupt- free society.

According to them, it is only the fear of God and sincerity of purpose that can save Nigeria from corruption and its negative effects. 

They noted that many persons, no matter their status or influence in the society, must be punished in accordance to the law of the land, if found to be corrupt.

The participants, drawn from across Kaduna North, South, Igabi and Chikun local government areas of Kaduna state, noted that the fight against corruption must also begin at the grassroots and at individual levels, for it to succeed.

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