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NANS launches “Legacy Secretariat Magazine” in Jos

…Senator Shehu Sani calls for “stoppage of insurgency, mindless killing in the country.” 

by Christiana Gokyo, Jos

A general call has been made – that, “insurgency, hoarders, violence, bloodshed and mindless killing in the country must be stopped.”

Sen. Shehu Sani disclosed this in Jos recently, at the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) zone C, comprising North East and North Central, including Abuja, on its 1st edition of Legacy Secretariat Magazine, tagged, ‘The Activist, Gains and Pains in Activism’ in honour of Chief Maqual George Michael Kuba, a veteran activist.

Senator Sani asserted that, Nigeria has never been divided as it is today, and called on those in positions of political power to know and make up and restore order and civil authority in Nigeria.

“We must, as a country, know that it’s spilling, and the earlier we get our axe right the better. We cannot leave our country in the control of terrorists and bandits or hoarders; we must come together because Nigeria needs peace, justice and equity,” he stressed.

Shehu Sani said he came from the northwest – where bandits are unleashing mayhem, bandits and terrorism against our people; adding that, the states of Sokoto, Katsina, Zamfara, Niger and Kaduna are under siege of kidnappers and bandits.

“People are selling their homes and farms to pay ransom to kidnappers; life is becoming unbearable for Nigerians.

“President Buhari spent much time in the struggle to lead this country. Now that the people have given him the mandate, it is important that he should understand that sacrifices made by Nigerians to see to his ascension to power be rewarded by order and peace,” Sani said.

Sen. Shehu Sani cautioned governors to stop sabotaging the efforts of the President, saying, the President has worked to see the independence of the Judiciary and the states Houses of Assembly but they’ve sabotaged it.

The Senator noted that, “Those in power should know that, if there is no Nigeria, there will be no government.

“Youths are out on streets protesting against police brutality, injustice and depression in the country; it is important that government should listen to them.”

Speaking on ASUU strike, Sani called on government to address their grievances, saying, “ASUU is not a political organization; it is not a political party and also not a partisan society.

“It is an organization of intellectuals that have been standing and fighting for the right of children’s education in public schools. People in power today are beneficiaries of free education from primary, secondary to tertiary institutions.”

He noted that, “The public schools – primary, secondary – have been destroyed. Now the destruction has reached the public universities.” He then urged government to listen to ASUU and do everything possible to accede to their demands.

According to him, “There has never been shortage of money for politics, and why should there be ‘No Money’ for public education in Nigeria?”

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