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SOKAPU condemns killing of District Head, son, 13 others in Kaduna

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Southern Kaduna People’s Union (SOKAPU) has condemned the killing of District Head of Mazaki, Mr Haruna Kuye, and his teenage son, Destiny Kuye, in Atyap Chiefdom of Zangon-Kataf local government area of Kaduna state, describing the act as dastardly murder.

“It is an abhorable crime, which aim is cause communal strife, and this, our people must resist. It was a well-planned murder by evil men, who sneaked into the village and headed for his home and unleashed terror.”

SOKAPU also expressed sadness over what it also described as “spiraling wave of kidnapping and killings in the state,” adding that 13 persons were also killed between last Sunday and Monday in cold blood in Giwa and Igabi local government areas of Kaduna state by outlaws, who seemed to be making a mockery of the state.

The union, in a statement in Kaduna on Tuesday by its spokesman, Luka Binniyat, stressed that “We send our sympathy to all affected families and pray that justice shall come their way sooner or later.”

They also note with sadness, the murder of Albarka Adu’a, who was killed by gunmen last Sunday during a kidnap raid at Maraban Kajuru, Kajuru LGA.  Adu’a was the former Village Head of Kyemara.

“At this point, we are still calling on Kaduna state government and the federal government to come to the assistance of the thousands of IDPs in Southern Kaduna. Most of them are living under sub-human conditions, especially children, women, the old and infirmed.

“In Kallah, Rimau and Geffe – all in Kallah ward, Kajuru LGA – thousands of Adara IDPs are in dire need of food and medical services. The story is the same with Gbagyi of Chikun, who have fled their homes after Fulani militia, have unleashed terror on them and occupied the communities. They can be found in the thousands in Ungwan Bijeh, Buyaya, Goning Gora, Ungwan Madaki and many Kaduna suburbs south of River Kaduna.

“No citizens deserve to be so neglected and abandoned by its government after it has failed in its cardinal responsibility of securing their lives and property,” it stated.

The union also called on the international community, NGOs and all men and women of conscience to show interest on these unfortunate citizens.

“We are glad that Kaduna state government has issued a statement condemning the act, and we hope that the killers would be found and brought to book. We also encourage the Kaduna state government to keep giving security updates on the state. No citizen of Kaduna state should be killed by brigands and not documented for the public and posterity.

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