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Kaduna Peace Commission Moves To end Takad/Ganawuri Conflicts

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

The Kaduna State Peace Commission has commenced moves to broker peace between warring communities of Atakar Chiefdom, in Kaura local government area of Kaduna state, and Ganawuri people of Plateau state.

The age-long crises between the two communities of Atakar and Ganawuri people had led to loss of many lives and properties over the years.

Speaking during a Peace Dialogue at the Agwam Takad Palace in Kaura local government area of Kaduna state during the week, the Chief of Atakar, Mr Tobias Nkom, disclosed that the lingering crises between the Atakar natives/Fulani and Atein people of Ganawuri has been an age-long crisis.

According to him, as a result of the constant peace meetings and the Commission’s continuous engagement, the region had experienced relative peace, noting that they’ve not recorded any form of attack since April, 2020.

“On the 10th of June, we invited Kafanchan Area Commandant, Military and other heads of security agencies for a meeting through our initiative, and had discussions, which we understand that only the Atakar natives and the Fulani can allow peace to reign,” adding that “the security agencies cannot restored peace in the area alone.

“We formed a committee in August this year, which comprises both the Atakar people and the Fulani, which a Fulani man is heading that committee. They’ve done a thorough work and advised the Atakar people that have been displaced to start returning to their various communities and the displaced Fulani, respectively,” he said.

The Paramount Ruler said most of the major insecurity they’re having today is always coming from Plateau state, which led to where a district was completely displaced. 

He alleged that the Ateing people and the Fulani in Ganawuri in Ryom local government area of Plateau state conspired and displaced the Atakar people living in the Plateau axis.

“The arrest of 3 Ganawuris and 2 Fulanis removing the roofing sheets of the displaced Atakar people on 14th of June this year has helped us to know, who have been attacking our people. This has assisted in restoring peace in our area.”

The Chief added that boundary is another major problem that has been in existence for decades, and urged the state government to step in an address the issue, which he believes, would end the lingering crises between the border between Plateau and Kaduna communities.

He appealed to the Atta of Ateing in Plateau state to appoint a District Head amongst the Atakar people living in his chiefdom, looking at their population, and stressed that doing so would further unite them as a people and any information that would bring insecurity in the area would be brought to him.

The permanent commissioner, Kaduna State Peace Commission, Haj Khadija Gambo, called on the warring parties to sheath their swords and consider humanity first in their endeavors.

She maintained that the commission is working hand-in-hand with Plateau Peace Commission to continue to strengthen peace dialogue amongst the warring communities of Plateau and Kaduna state, respectively.

“The people must come back and live together, to avoid lack of understanding and suspicious lingering among them. Efforts are already in place to continue strengthen dialogue within the grassroots,” Khadija added.

It was also learnt that both Atakar natives and Fulani living in Zangang District that were completely sacked have resolved to return and live together. 

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