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Plateau’s Local Government Service Commission transfers 7,551 unified staff

by Christiana Gokyo, Jos

About 7,551 local government unified staff of Plateau state’s 17 local governments have been transferred by the State Local Government Service Commission.

This announcement was made by Permanent Secretary of the Plateau State Local Government Service Commission, Mr. Henry K. Lankwap, while addressing the 17 local governments’ Directors of Personal Management (DPM’s) on Monday in Jos.

According to him, 7,551 unified staff of the local governments have been transferred out of the 10,378 unified staff, but 4,152 junior staff are not affected by the transfer. 

He said, it became necessary for him to address the true position of the speculations, agitation and misleading information on the long-awaited transfer of unified staff of the seventeen (17) Local Government Council, which took place last in 2005.

It explained that Governor Simon Lalong, on assumption of duty during his first tenure, graciously appointed commission members, made up of the chairman, two permanent members and, by law, two part-time members to run the affairs of the Local Government Service Commission.

According to him, on assumption the members embarked on a familiarization tour of the 17 local government areas in the State to interact with its staffers where four basic demands were made to include, “No work no pay,” “lack of promotion,” “lack of conversion” and “transfer,” amongst others. 

The Permanent Secretary noted that immediately after the tour, they swung into action by implementing the first three demands, except the issue of transfer, which was delayed due to the dissolution of the full commission members in June, 2019.

He also revealed that, based on the foregoing and, of course, the dire need for continuity, a memo to the governor was written to allow the Permanent Secretary and Directors of the Commission carryout the exercise for staffers of the 17 Local Government Councils, which have stagnated in the same station for a period of over 15 years and above.

He said a situation, which had seriously dampened their morale – thereby affecting productivity in the system – and he graciously granted approval to do so. 

The Permanent Secretary also disclosed that the commission a in conjunction with the following relevant agencies like: Plateau Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (PRUWASSA), Plateau Value Chain Support Project, National Social Investment Programme, State Cash Transfer Unit, Primary Health Care Development Agency and Plateau Football Association all contributed in transferring staff responsible for implementing World Bank Programmes and Projects Supported by UNICEF and EU.

He said special priority was also given to those, who submitted medical reports and were considered, and where there are conflicting interests from the aforementioned agencies, the mother ministry was given priority.

Mr. Henry K. Lankwap added that, “On the completion of the transfer, another memo was written to the governor requesting him to kindly consider and approve the release of the transfer of the proposed unified staff of the seventeen (17) Local Government Councils, and those of the Local Government Service Commission, which we are about to witness today.” 

The Permanent Secretary also appreciated the full support of His Excellency and the contributions of these partners mentioned above as well as the cordial relationship with the 3 Tripartite Union and the media (Press) in the process of bringing back the lost glory of the Local Government Service in Plateau State.

He emphasized that, “In order to handle the task ahead, the Directors of Personal Management are requested to constitute a committee in their individual councils for the proper documentation of all staff involved, to give room for a smooth and seamless exercise, in the interest of the service.”

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