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Plateau’s Relevant Technology Centre decry encroachment by Wase LGC

by Christiana Gokyo, Jos

Plateau state Relevant Technology Vocational Centre in Wase local government area has been encroached upon by Wase local government management council.

This observation was made known recently when the State Commissioner for Science and Technology, Hon. Dung Musa Gyang, visited the area to see the level of encroachment and find ways of addressing the issue in collaboration with the local government council.

The commissioner observed that the land was given to the Ministry of Science and Tech by Wase local government authority a long time ago, and the school has been there for years but only to be informed, of recent, that it has been encroached upon.

Hon. Gyang revealed further that, although, the chairman has already been to his office about the issue but, he explained that his reason for coming is to access the level of encroachment so as to find an amicable solution to the problem. He however expressed satisfaction with the chairman of Wase LGC for his understanding and cooperation.

Earlier, chairman of Wase local government council, Hon. Dr. Ado Buba, who received the commissioner in his office at the local government secretariat, said Wase is the largest LGA in Plateau State as per landmass; as such, land will not be an issue.

He commended the commissioner and his team for their brotherly interface, and assured that the problem will be sorted out. He emphasized that it was the traditional council that misled him, adding that, if he had been informed earlier that the land belonged to the Relevant Technology School, he wouldn’t have cited a project on the property. He however expressed delight that, “Nevertheless, there is going to be a substitute to whatever the school has lost.”

The commissioner, alongside the directors of the ministry was also at the emir’s palace, His Royal Highness the Emir of Wase, Mohammadu Abdulahi Wase to intimate him on the land encroachment saga, and appealed to the emir to join hands with the ministry and local government authority to resolve the issue.

Responding, the emir of Wase assured the commissioner that he will do everything possible within his powers to ensure the matter is resolved as early as possible.

The emir also revealed that he is (already) aware of the problem and, if not for the Covid-19 issue that cropped-up, the problem would have been resolved because, according to him, he has already started making consultations with the local government and the traditional council before everything came to a standstill.

But the emir quickly corrected the wrong impression that it was the traditional institution that gave the land to the ministry and not the local government council, and they now gave part of the same land to the LGC.

The emir stressed that, if anybody is to be blamed for the encroachment, it is the traditional institution, and himself will take full responsibility for the mixed-up even though, he was not the emir as at the time of the crisscrossing.

The Emir of Wase explained further that the traditional institution was misled, because nobody informed them that the land belonged to the Ministry of Science and Technology, and appealed to the ministry to be patient, as “the issue will be resolved and, at the end, everybody will be taken care of.”

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