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Chief of Staff to Governor Lalong tests positive to COVID-19

by Christiana Gokyo, Jos

Following the directive by Governor Lalong on 1st July, 2020, for all members of the state EXCO to go on COVID-19 test, the Chief of Staff to the governor, Noel Donjur, has tested positive to virus.

The outcome of the tests indicates that all other members of the State EXCO tested negative except the Chief of Staff, who is asymptomatic and in good condition.

Accordingly, health officials have commenced treatment for him at one of the isolation centres in the state capital, Jos, while members of his family and other contacts are being traced and tested.

The Chief of Staff, who is in high spirits, urges prayers from members of the public and also encourages people to submit to COVID-19 testing, which is very important in unveiling cases and leading to treatment.

Meanwhile, other personal aides of the governor, permanent secretaries, heads of parastatals as well as other senior civil servants conducted the test on Thursday, 2nd July, 2020, and are awaiting the results.

Governor Lalong, in the meantime, continues to admonish citizens to adhere strictly to the guidelines issued to curtail the virus.

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