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International Sex Workers Day: Activists urge practitioners to shun prostitution

…“to embrace skills acquisition.”

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

A Peace Ambassador, an interfaith specialist in Nigeria, Hajiya Ramatu Tijjani, has once again appealed to all commercial sex workers world-wide to abandon prostitution and embrace skill acquisition knowledge or petite trade businesses.

According to her, this would surely save them from contacting sexually-transmitted diseases, STD, HIV/AID and other skin diseases from their regular ‘customers’ that perjuries them.

Haj. Ramatu Tijani made the remarks in an interview with newsmen in Kaduna, ahead of World International Sex workers’ Day, which is marked on the 2nd of June, 2020, worldwide. 

She said many commercial sex workers in the country have fallen into the traps of ritualists, criminals, kidnappers, armed robbers, dangerous men, while some were being treated badly, beaten, tortured, and maltreated in such a very bad way by their regular customers.

Ramatu said “Prostitution is such a heavy, risky job that some women find themselves in today due to some circumstances they find themselves. While some take it as a profession, some were being forced to do it for survival in a foreign country.

“We have to empower them with skills such as tailoring , cleaning service, hair dressing, phone sales and repairs, domestic services, car washing, clothing business to be self-reliant and become future entrepreneurs.

“There is need to raise more awareness to women on the dangers of involving themselves into this profession because of dangers surrounding the business,” she said.

“Although, some sex workers in Nigeria were trained by an older professional (or pimp) prior to commencement on the job, the training lessons concern how to deal with a difficult man, STD’s, smartness and self-defence under some critical situations they find themselves.

“There is need to embrace other skills to save themselves from all forms of diseases associated with STD,” she stated.

Ramatu, who is national president of ‘Foundation for the protection of women and children in Nigeria,’ said she has been helping some of the prostitutes that usually come out on the streets in the night with some little amount of money with the aim of helping them to start little businesses that could help their lives in the future, so as to stop prostitution.

She then called on corporate organizations, wealthy individuals, governments at all levels, NGOs ,CSOs and development partners to equally find means of helping toward changing lives of those women for better, in order to make then realize their creativity.

While calling on citizens to halt stigmatizing commercial sex workers, she then appealed to religious leaders to pray for them, so as to make them become good house-wives in the future.

“There are many opportunities for them when they abandon prostitution, because they can become good house-wives, entrepreneurs, skills women that can be self-reliant at any place,” Ramatu noted.

Similarly, Pastor Yohanna Buru, who is national president of ‘Peace Revival and Reconciliation Foundation of Nigeria,’ drew the attention of some parents on dangers of sending their girl-child from rural area to urban cities for domestic house chores, and called on states and federal government to ban all sorts of prostitution by all means.

While applauding the effort of states ministry of women affairs, NDLEA, non-governmental organizations for their commitment toward protection women and children’s right, Pastor Buru urged parents and guardians to always monitor movement of their children. 

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