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Kaduna PDP disciplinary committee a kangaroo committee – Dr. Danfullani

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

An activist-cum politician, Dr. John Danfulani, has described the committee constituted by Kaduna state chapter of the opposition People’s Democratic Party, PDP, to investigate alleged anti-party activities levelled against him and six others, as a “kangaroo committee.”

Dr. John Danfulani is one of seven members suspended by the state working committee, SWC, of PDP in Kaduna state over alleged anti-party activities last week.

The statement, titled, ‘The Kangaroo Disciplinary Committee: Vital Dregs,’ was personally issued and signed by the suspended member and made available to journalists in Kaduna, weekend.

Dr. Danfullani stated that, “At 15:10hrs of 20th May, 2020, I received an invite via SMS from a member of PDP’s disciplinary committee to appear before them at 11am of Thursday, 21st May, 2020. The venue: the state party office close to old NDA.

“Again, at 23:16hrs of 20th May, 2020, the same member sent another SMS containing allegations against me by the state chapter of the party.

“Allegations were slammed on me: one, publications of party matters on social media; two, instituting a case in Kaduna Division of the Federal High Court against the party. They littered their first charge with references from the party’s 2017 constitution. Only one proviso was cited for my second charge. 

“I refused to honour their invite but dispatched a 3-page letter of protest I sent to the North West organ of the party to them. More, our legal counsel also sent a 2-page warning of court contempt to them. 

“My/our two correspondences drew their attention to grave danger before them, and counselled them to avoid inflicting injuries on themselves because when push comes to shove, ‘Tinubu of Sambo Close’ and diminutive character directing the show will take to their heels,” he stated. 

“The summary of the first charge,” according to him, “is censoring of freedom of speech and conscience. This is Grade One hypocrisy because PDP fought against attempt to censor freedom of speech by NASS in 2019.

“While resisting APC government, PDP said, ‘freedom of speech is a natural right that no man or government can take away.’ Surprisingly, after victory the same party wants to do same in-house. This hypocrisy is competing with those of biblical Sadducees and Pharisees. Shameful. 

“On their second charge, they know, if they don’t, their legal adviser should have school them that, matters in courts can’t be a subject of discussion by anybody or committee. This demonstrated that the knowledge of the law of their legal team is rusty. Extremely poor! 

“Let’s dig deeper. Where on earth is going to court a sin? Who told them that existence of internal conflict resolution mechanism automatically blocked members from exploiting the court to settle disputes?

“People can use in-house or court to settle disputes. In my case, I chose the court. Sequel to that, punishing me because I went to court is a punishable and heinous crime. I will make sure that they pay for it in the court of law.

“Ironically, the ‘political papalolo’ pulling the strings behind the scene was dragged from a Federal High Court up to the Supreme Court by a factional leader of the party. Stories of his physical assault by a Plateau state senator was reported. Yet, he didn’t suspend them, nor report his assaulter to the police. The same crooked element is deceiving his dumb puppets to tow a lane he couldn’t dare, some years ago. 

“Jagaban (Tinubu) of Sambo Close and his diminutive head boy must know that, gone are the days where PDP was a forest they game in whimsically and capriciously.

“Accepting the realism that political consciousness has skyrocketed with supersonic speed will deter them from staging nonsensical and buffoonish and moronic dry comedies. 

“Their ultimate goal is my illegal ousting from PDP. Heck, they know they can’t because PDP isn’t their personal organization. I will quit on my own accord but no Jupiter can push me out because of my opposition to his or their anachronistic totalitarian and czarist attitude. 

“The battle is just starting. I’m not trigger shy, a flat footer or short of arsenals to pound them. If they fire, I will return same with immediate alacrity. Newton’s third law of motion shall be my guiding principle. 

“Tinubu of Sambo Close and Napoleon of Old NDA Junction: Bring it on. I’m ready!,” he stated.

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