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COVID-19 Lockdown: Foundation targets 1,000 households in 4 communities on food palliative in Kaduna

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

About 1,000 households in four communities each have benefited from the distribution of food items to the less-privileged people by Global Peace Foundation, Nigerien, as palliative measures due to COVID-19 lockdown in Kaduna State.

The four communities, which include Kajuru, Maraban Rido, Kanikon Chiefdom and Mando Afaka, respectively, represented different local government areas in Kaduna state.

Speaking to newsmen during the distribution exercise, country director of the Foundation, Rev, Joseph John Hayab, said the distribution of the organization’s widow’s mite was to support the lives of the people in the communities during lockdown. 

Rev. Hayab said that earlier, the foundation had engaged in peace building in the society among different faith-based religious backgrounds.

Rev. Hayab, in company of the Northern Coordinator, Sheikh Halliru Abdulahi Maraya, said the gesture was meant to cushion the suffering Nigerians are going through in the COVID-19 lockdown.

He ssid that “Today, in the country, both government and the governor’s attention is how best to overcome coronavirus disease that is threatening the existence of man on earth.

The country director explained that, “As a non-governmental organisation, our focus all these years of our existence is how we can work with communities towards ensuring peaceful coexistence and preaching to all that ‘we are one family under God, devoid of any difference of any means.’

“Following the challenge the hunger posed by COVID-19 lockdown, we felt as an organisation, the people now are faced with hunger conflict that calls for immediate assistance.  The challenge of hunger knows no religion, tribe, section, or any other difference in human race but all have become victims of the pandemic.

“In order to encourage them to understand and appreciate that all human beings can suffer pains just as all human beings want to be happy and celebrate as members of one family under one God, we have to provide food items to help them cushion the effect of COVID-19 lockdown that people are crying from every nook and cranny,” he said.

On their mode of distribution in compliance with avoiding large gatherings, Rev. Hayab said that house-to-house approach was adopted strictly to identifying the less-privileged in the society to also avoid scrambling for the meager materials in the midst of millions of Nigerians crying every day of hunger.

He called on individuals and organisations in the society to support government palliative measures by giving their “widow’s mite” to be able to cover a larger population with food items.

The Northern Coordinator, Sheikh Haruna Maraya, in his remarks advised the beneficiaries to make good use of the gesture and continue to live in peace with one another as brothers and sisters, stressing that it would help to bring about security and development of their communities.

Most of the beneficiaries of the food items expressed joy with the effort of the organisation for taking the pain to move from house-to-house, in order to ensure that the desired people benefited.

Hayab also said, “Nigerians are truly united as one family under God to fight the deadly disease called Coronavirus. If this spirit of togetherness, irrespective of any difference continues after the pandemic, I am convinced this country will go places in all phases of life within a short time.”

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