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Kaduna LP HoR Member, Ekene Adams, quits party; cites ‘in-fighting’

…Supporters bicker.

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

A Member of House of Representatives (HoR) representing Chihun/Kajuru Federal Constituency, Kaduna State, Hon. Ekene Ababakar Adams, has quit Labour Party (LP).

Although, no official statement has yet been released on reason(s) for his quitting LP, Hon. Ekene, in his facebook social media handle has, however, notified the general public of leaving the party, citing alleged ‘party infighting.’

Hon. Ekene in the post stated that, “I cannot fight before election and continue fighting after election victory. The best way to stay in peace with such people is just to leave the party for them – if you like, say whatever you want. 

“This is my notice of leaving Labor Party. My apology to anyone of you that will be angry at this junction,” he stated.

The Quit Notice of Hon. Ekene, who is currently Chairman HoR Committee on Sports is, however, not without criticism, surprises and threats as some ardent supporters  of his party, who felt disappointed, took social media to describe his action as unfortunate.

Our correspondent reported that in a social media group chat, titled, ‘Labour Party Sabo Ward,’ majority of Ekene’s supporters expressed bicker and bitterness over the quit notice pasted in their group for clarity.

Some of LP members’ comments obtained on weekend read in parts: “An unfortunate turn of event: I find this post by the Honourable very depressing and disheartening, as the number one citizen of Chikun Constituency, the Honourable Ekene Abubakar Adams post:

‘I cannot fight before election and continue fighting after election victory.  The best way to stay in peace with such people is just to leave the party for them…if you like say whatever you want.  This is my notice of leaving labor party.  My apology to anyone of you that will be angry at this junction.’ This is a direct interpretation of what the Honourable is saying.

“The statement by the Honourable suggests that he is fighting with the party and, according to him, the best approach to maintaining his peace with the Labour Party is to leave the party altogether. The statement concludes by stating that the Honourable’s intent is to leave the Labour Party and offering an apology to anyone, who might be upset by his decision.

“My Question to Honourable Ekene Abubakar Adams is this: Who in the party are you currently in conflict with, and what is the nature of this ongoing conflict?

“It is crucial for you to understand the underlying reasons behind this discord, especially if it involves your opposition to the party itself.

“Disrespecting and undermining the party’s leadership and not expecting the party to express their dissatisfaction is a significant concern. So far, your actions has created disharmony and has hindered progress in resolving issues.

“How can you expect the party executives to passively observe, while you take matters into your own hands without their consultation? 

“Such actions may not be well-received, and it is essential to consider the potential consequences. Your fight seems to be misguided, misdirected, and unnecessary in the larger scheme of party affairs. Whatever you see is true; no one is lying on anybody’s head, Bro.

“How true? I don’t understand. Go on Facebook and search for *Ekene Adams* then open his time line; it’s there. Chairman, you spoke like an elder. These are words of wisdom. He who has ears let him hear. You have said all that needs to be said. God bless all your efforts.

“Hmmmm; is this how he will lead the people? Well, God will frustrate the effort of whosoever tries to frustrate others simple because he is in power. It’s time to deal with this man.

“Chairman, you have said everything. A leader will never behave the way Hon Ekene did. He said he left. Fine, nobody is begging him; we have fought the good fight. Our labour will never be a waste. Now the agents can see clearly what we have been fighting for.

“He is just looking for a way to run so that he will not pay the money he promised agents – 50K each.

“It is well, Sir, Chairman. We heard all that you’ve said. I didn’t expect anything different from a man that was a fluctuating spirit – moving from one party to another,” it stated, amongst others.

Further efforts made to contact Hon. Ekene were fruitless, as he could not respond till press time.

Ekene had earlier distributed electric transformers, cars, motorbikes, grinding engines, cash awards and other valuables to supporters and members across his constituency, irrespective of party lines.

During the elaborate empowerment program held in Sabon Tasha at early age of Ekene election and inauguration, the chairman and all executive members of the State LP were reportedly not invited.

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