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Subsidy Removal: Women body begs wealthy individuals to support the needy

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Wealthy individuals in the country have been urged to assist the poor and vulnerable members of society, following the continuous increase in cost of living occasioned by fuel subsidy removal.

According to the women’s organization, the cost of living has compelled several of them in the country to earnestly appeal for support for the vulnerable people with objective to alleviate the hardships currently affecting families.

National President of Foundation for the Protection of Women and Children in Nigeria, Hajiya Ramatu Tijjani, made this passionate appeal yesterday in Kaduna.

“A recent visit to a typical Nigerian market has revealed a staggering increase in the prices of essential food items. Consequently, life has grown increasingly challenging for numerous Nigerians, particularly low-income earners, the unemployed, and other vulnerable individuals,” she said.

She conveyed this message during a conversation with the media, following her visit to various markets within the metropolis and some parts of northern Nigeria. 

She emphasized that this call has become imperative in the light of escalating food prices across the nation, which are (negatively) impacting families.

Hajiya Ramatu Tijjani encouraged affluent individuals to extend support to the less fortunate, regardless of their circumstances, through acts of humanitarian assistance.

She said, “He who shows kindness to the poor lends to the Lord, and He will reward him for his deeds! When you devote your time, energy, and even finances to the welfare of the poor, you are essentially offering to God – and He will bestow rewards upon you, whether in this lifetime or the next,” she stated.

She further implored affluent members of the society to consistently aid the underprivileged through acts of charity, and emphasized that “contributing to charitable causes and supporting the impoverished during this period plays a crucial role in saving lives.”

Hajiya Tijjani pointed out that the removal of fuel subsidies has drastically affected the dietary preferences and impoverished people, saying, “Much like many Nigerians, families have had to endure unprecedented hardship due to the skyrocketing prices of essential food items.

“In recent months, a significant portion of Nigerians has to grapple with numerous challenges, including multidimensional poverty, destitution, high living costs, and inflationary pressures intensified by the reverberations of government policy reforms.

“Nigerians are presently grappling with a surge in food prices. Staples such as beef, eggs, and beans have experienced rapid price hikes exacerbated by the ongoing flooding, which have aggravated the already precarious agricultural and farming circumstances in the country.”

Similarly, Hajiya Ummah Mohammed (a married woman), while echoing the concerns of many others, expressed fears among people about venturing to the market to purchase food items due to the relentless rise in prices in most of the markets.

She subsequently urged the Federal Government to implement price controls, seeking relief for the hardships experienced by women across the nation.

“In these trying times, a plea is also directed towards marketers – urging them not to exploit the situation by taking advantage of the general public. Instead, an appeal for empathy and solidarity is extended to collectively navigate through the challenges at hand,” she said.

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