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Niger Coup: US-based ‘Mama Diaspora’ cautions ECOWAS to “exhaust all peace protocols”

…Avoid cross-border conflicts.

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Nigeria and Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Heads of Governments and States have been strongly advised to “trade cautiously and observe with ultimate strictness” all diplomatic rules and procedures to restore normalcy in Republic of Niger’s coup d’état, in the interest of peace and unity.

An age-long US-based Mama Diaspora, Chief Temitope Ajayi, who gave the advice, also cautioned against the proposed use of military action and economic sanctions by ECOWAS on Niger Republic, following the coup, saying the action may further increased cross-border conflicts and intensify existing security challenges in West African sub-region. 

Mama Diaspora stated this during a chat with our correspondent, while advising President of Nigeria and Chairman of ECOWAS, Mr. Bola Ahmed Tinubu, lamenting the fears and grave dangers of military intervention and imposition of economic sanctions on Niger Republic by the ECOWAS.

Chief Ajayi reiterated that peaceful resolution to the crises is vital to ensure continuous regional cooperation and collective efforts towards long-lasting stability. 

According to her, critical analysis of the proposed military intervention and/or economic sanctions on Niger Republic by the ECOWAS in response to the military coup and subsequent refusal by the military junta to return power to the deposed President, would spell doom in civil populace.

“I acknowledge that the political situation in Niger Republic poses a significant threat to growth of democracy in West Africa. However, I firmly believe that the proposed military intervention or economic sanctions as a response to the military coup is not only legally deficient but will also practically exacerbate the crisis and inflict further suffering on the innocent people in Niger Republic and the wider region.

“This would further undermine the future of democracy and peaceful co-existence in Niger Republic and the West African sub-Region,” it stated.

“I recognize that ECOWAS has proposed mechanisms and legal frameworks that have been put in place to respond to political crises, including military coups, within its member states, been also considering shielding off the action but without sanctions, which is not also in the best of diplomatic relationship for the beginning,” she appealed.

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