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Tinubu Ministerial: Movement drums support for Temitope Ajayi for Humanitarian Services

…Says, US awardee “best solution to Nigeria humanitarian issues.”

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

President Tinubu with Chief Mama Diaspora, Temitope Ajayi

Groups, under the umbrella of ‘Concerned Nigerian Women and Young Adults Movement,’ have drummed-up support for the appointment of Chief Temitope Ajayi as Minister of Humanitarian Services ahead of President Bola Tinubu administration’s ministerial formation.

Chief Temitope Ajayi, Her Royal Majesty (HRM), is the first Nigerian beneficiary of American President’s Volunteer Service Award recipient, for her global humanitarian services in form of kindness and charity for years.

The Movement’s National Coordinator, Mal. Abdul Ahmed, in a statement in Kaduna on Wednesday informed that the body was formed to support the administration of President Bola Tinubu to success.

He assured that Chief Temitope Ajayi, an Accountant…., is the only solution to all the country’s humanitarian issues, in view of her obvious track record in America, describing her as a “round peg in the round hole.”  

The award, titled: ‘HRM Temitope Ajayi (2019 Gold Award), The White House, Washington/Trump Award 2020,’ stated that “On behalf of a grateful Nation, I thank you for your service to fellow Americans and those most in need. 

“Through your dedicated service, you have ensured the continuation of America’s unparalleled commitment to improving the lives of others.

“Over these past years, you have served as a model of the American spirit. Your many hours of service have strengthened the bonds of cooperation and trust that bring people together, while helping to address some of the greatest challenges of our time. 

“One of our Nation’s greatest strengths remains the compassion of our everyday citizens, who give so willingly of themselves and their lives for the benefit of others. 

“Each generation of hardworking and kindhearted volunteers helps to write a new chapter of American greatness, and our Nation is proud for your commitment to this honorable tradition.

“As we reflect on your many acts of kindness and charity over this past year, our Nation draws inspiration from those who answer the call to help their communities and our Nation. With your continued efforts to build on our Nation’s culture of service, America will proudly remain a land of freedom and opportunity for all.

“Thank you for your enduring commitment to serving your community and our Nation. I trust that you will continue to work for the betterment of others and an even stronger future for the American people,” it stated.

In a proposal for the appointment of Chief Temitope Ajayi as Minister of Humanitarian Services, made available, the movement described Ajayi as Imperial Majesty, and exceptional leadership with profound commitment to humanitarian causes.

“We are writing to propose the appointment of Chief Temitope Ajayi as the Minister of Humanitarian Services for the country of Nigeria. 

“Through extensive statistical data analysis and in-depth research into Chief Ajayi’s legacy, it is evident that her exceptional leadership, profound commitment to humanitarian causes, and proven track record of results make her the ideal candidate to lead the ministry and drive impactful change for the betterment of our nation.

“Statistical data consistently highlights the pressing need for a Minister of Humanitarian Services, who can effectively address the challenges faced by our society.

“Nigeria, as a nation, is confronted with numerous socio-economic disparities, including poverty, inadequate healthcare access, insufficient education opportunities, and a lack of essential services in marginalized communities. 

“These challenges require a visionary leader, who possesses the expertise, compassion, and determination to bridge these gaps and uplift the lives of our fellow citizens.

“Chief Temitope Ajayi’s legacy as the Chairman and Founder of SV-NED (Sustainable Vision for Nigeria and Economic Development) speaks volumes about her ability to create a lasting impact in the realm of humanitarian services. 

“SV-NED’s extensive project portfolio encompasses diverse initiatives, such as education programs, healthcare interventions, poverty alleviation projects, and empowerment schemes. 

“Through these initiatives, Chief Ajayi has directly impacted the lives of thousands of Nigerians, providing them with access to quality education, healthcare services, and economic opportunities.

“Research into Chief Ajayi’s accomplishments reveals her exceptional leadership and organizational abilities. Under her guidance, SV-NED has consistently achieved remarkable results, implementing projects that have led to measurable improvements in the lives of beneficiaries. 

“For instance, her initiatives in the education sector have contributed to a significant increase in literacy rates among underserved communities. Moreover, her healthcare interventions have enhanced access to critical medical services, leading to a reduction in morbidity and mortality rates.

“Furthermore, Chief Ajayi’s commitment to leveraging technology and innovation in humanitarian services sets her apart as a forward-thinking and solution-oriented leader. 

“She has successfully integrated digital platforms, data-driven approaches, and innovative solutions into SV-NED’s projects, ensuring maximum efficiency, transparency, and impact. 

“Her emphasis on utilizing technology to deliver assistance, monitor progress, and optimize resource allocation positions her as an ideal candidate to lead the ministry in the digital age.

“Chief Ajayi’s remarkable achievements extend beyond humanitarian services. Her advocacy for sustainable economic development, entrepreneurship, and job creation aligns with Nigeria’s long-term goals for socio-economic progress. 

“By combining her passion for humanitarian causes with her vision for economic growth, she can forge meaningful connections between the two realms, resulting in sustainable development that addresses the root causes of social inequality and poverty,” it stated.

It continued that, “In light of Chief Temitope Ajayi’s exemplary track record, her unique blend of leadership qualities, and her unwavering dedication to humanitarian causes, we strongly urge the Federal Ministry of Nigeria to appoint her as the Minister of Humanitarian Services. 

“With Chief Ajayi at the helm, we are confident that the ministry will witness unprecedented growth, efficiency, and impact, resulting in a more equitable, compassionate, and prosperous Nigeria for all its citizens.

“Thank you for considering this proposal. We are eagerly looking forward to the opportunity to discuss Chief Temitope Ajayi’s qualifications and potential contributions to the ministry in greater details,” they stated.  

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